dimanche 26 juillet 2015

Japan Expo & day with RinRin in Paris

The day right after  the Angelic Pretty Tea Party (I don't need to mention that yes, we were exhausted), Mila and I woke up way too early to go to Japan Expo. We were working on NHK World's booth ! Our mission was getting people to take pictures of themselves with the cake hats pictured below. But our day featured nice surprises !

TV broadcasting Kawaii.i episodes on repeat, includind the one with Mila and Minori~ Look at her. I'm proud.

They are heavy and look delicious and very fake.

During lunch break Diana came to pick us up, save us with sandwiches as we had forgotten that we were to feed ourselves, and took us (well, mostly Mila and I followed :p) to the Sailor Moon booths and Love Live! figures that may or may not be fake, we will never know.

Now it is a huge improvement since last year where I spent hours in the dealer's room trying to find anything even remotely Love-Live-related.

 On the way back we found out that that-temple-featured-in-the-anime-and-which-i-forgot-the-name-of had a booth too and was selling some supposedly very exclusive & limited goodies and I even got a Maki phone charm for unknown reasons.

Clafou & Rehem at Crescent booth at the end of the day 

Giving 0 fucks in the last t-shirt I could find to fight this weather. H&M, kids section. I feel bad.

 I could never get tired of seeing the cutest face in the world, ever.

Tiya, Tro-Tro, Sandra and Ayumi were cosplaying Haikyuu (some genderbent~) and it was very impressive.


In the afternoon we were told to go to the entry hall to take part in RinRin's fashion walk inside the con, which was a great way to see friends as most had gathered there.

RinRin then recorded a segment for Kawaii.i, answering questions and talking about Harajuku styles, then everyone got to take pictures with her ! And it took quite some time. Time that we consequently spent not working...


End of the day, Yuta's happy face's telling us that everything was filmed satisfyingly, and RinRin being silly meaning the exact same thing !

It was heaven to be offered a taxi ride back to Paris, as suffering the overly crowded trains would have most cetainly killed us all. (It was very hard on our co-workers from the days before. WE HAD HEARD STORIES.)

 *  *

The next day ! 
RinRin wanted to visit Paris a little bit in a more relaxed atmosphere before going home. We took her to eat very typical French food then to the Louvre, Tuileries gardens and Ladurée !

Last time I had went to see Mona Lisa I thnk I was still in middle school. It couldn't have been more crowded than that day. I understand now how museums would ban selfie sticks and how camera phones are just annoying; people were taking so. much. time. taking blurry, off-center pictures of their face next to the painting.

My mandatory Antinous bust picture; I take one each time I go to the Louvre, I'm obsessed like that.

Spinning RinRin ! She is just so nice and genuine, like a living piece of happiness.
Can't wait to see her again !

And that's unfortunately when my camera's battery died (it doesn't happen often, but when it happens, it's in the middle of a photoshoot or during events, you know.)

I was borrowing Mila's Bookmark JSK that day ! I was so so happy to wear it, I really like this dress, and realistically it's the one that suits me best from her wardrobe. ...Though I haven't tried Crystal Dream Carnival yet. (Sorry for the vision). Pictures taken by Tro-Tro~~


And this is all~ Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed those July event articles !

dimanche 19 juillet 2015

RinRin fansign & Angelic Pretty Tea Party

See all signing session pictures here
And all the Tea Party pictures here~

Saturday, July 4th was an extremely busy day. The morning saw French Café's free signing session with RinRin Doll & Kawaii.i, and the afternoon would be the Angelic Pretty Tea Party. A very busy day indeed, but one of the best ones for the week — it is a fact that we can not stay away from organizing things for a long moment :p

RinRin's fansign was held at Princess Crepe and we had thought a lot about how to make it a nice moment for attendees with time with RinRin, pictures, and elaborated many tactics so that everyone could also eat crepes while not crowding the little shop. Many, many thanks to the ever helpful M. Sawada for opening on a morning and extreme niceness as ever.

RinRin was beautifully wearing Marine Kingdom

Pom's pictures had me laughing — taking outfit snaps is serious business, after all.

It was not a very easy task for me to wear Misty Sky (the choice being pretty obvious) in a way that would be adapted to the weather, casual to allow me to move a lot yet not completely boring. I don't know how this went, it is a strange feeling to find oneself very underdressed as it was the case there BUT in any case Misty Sky cannot make me unhappy.

Queuing and Tro-Tro taking crepe orders

I think the morning went well. Everyone was able to have some time with RinRin so it is definitely a success !

 *  *

We then hurried to arrive at the Shangri-La early for setting up and rehearsals. We set up the photobooth (Diana's skills in balloons remain unparalleled) and all the models did an outfit fitting and show rehearsal, at the end of which guests were welcomed to the Tea Party.

I'm telling you right away, this is only for me.

On to the Tea Party!

Shangri-La hotel was an excellent choice for a venue that left us and many others speechless upon arriving. I had not come to visit it beforehand and it is in fact even more beautiful than in pictures. The food was good for what I tasted, I wish I'd had the time to try everything.

Picture by Emilie~

Raffle table !

Translator & event organizer Taka did an incredible job helping with the Tea Party and I want to thank her a lot because it could not have been done without her.

Maki and Asuka welcoming everyone

Fashion show

Marina & Bloody were wearing the very new and at the time unannounced Classic Fairy Tales.

Lyude & Anastassia were wearing Dreamy Planetarium

And my unsurprisingly absolute favourite of all, Mila & RinRin in Luminous Sanctuary.

Look at how beautiful they are ! I'm more than a little happy with these pictures. 
I hope you guys got your SS booked already because getting this dress is going to be war.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by the photobooth ! I hope you like the pictures, however grainy; the light was definitely not thebest but I can assure you you were all gorgeous.

Some highlisghts on the outfits I especially liked ! Of course they are a lot and this is only a small selection. I also loved Tiya's and Yulia's coords with Mercator Antique Shop~

Marlessa and Joana were flawless, both very elegant and refined and I love seeing that done with AP.

There was also an incredible amount of retro-inspired coords that were all wonderful. I have a soft spot for this aesthetic in lolita.

Emilie and Ada

Liza and Bao Han

Mila and Chloé

...And then various things

Sandra come to me telling she wanted to gift one of the necklaces she had made with me for LVER to RinRin, and I was so happy ! It is the cutest idea ever and a great souvenir. As well as a very beautiful necklace indeed, RinRin loved it


 My one and only pony princess

After this the raffle took place, as well as the best dressed election. Or should I say prix de la plus merveilleusement habillée ?

Best-dressed prizes !
On the left, attendee's vote elected two lovely Mercator outfits with the same number of votes. That was so suprising ! But they deserved it both. Tiya was so lovely in her very clever Harry Potter coord !
On the right, Lauren won Maki's special outfit prize with her outfit inspired by the kitties on Dolly Cat. Meow.

Look at that styling

Liza ad Lizzy communicating their needs — thank you dears for using those lovingly-made signs, that makes me happy 

Well, not really though

I have a thing for ceilings

Goodbye speech already !
Asuka adopted Bloody it seems, and this lovely lady on the right could really be Maki's sister with this hair and tasteful lavender !

Now, I have read and heard many things about French Café's involvment in this Tea Party, so I figured here would be the best way to explain it~ We did indeed help Angelic Pretty at their request with several aspects of the Tea Party, some organizing, some councelling, logistics as well as help on the day. We did not however technically organize the Tea Party, and the decisions remained theirs. It was a very fruitful collaboration between us that has left both parties very happy with the outcome and, we hope, all the attendees as well !

Team picture ! With a thought to Alien who couldn't attend.