dimanche 22 novembre 2015


An hommage to autumn, starring Hana admiring mushrooms and fallen leaves and the passing of time. 






mardi 3 novembre 2015

Michiko in Paris II : meet-up

Aah I'm afraid I have absolutely nothing of significance to say, so let's just mention that it has been a very enjoyable, lovely, sunny day, and that one should probably stick to pastries when at Fauchon.
I was very happy to enjoy one more day with Michiko (thank you for the curry ! It was really good *^*)

We walked to the Tuileries gardens as usual, and took some pictures there. 
Don't hesitate to use the pictures if you wish, they're here for this very purpose !


Bunnies really are her favourite theme. This is so clever and well put-together !

Chloé... I'm very sorry... I had to post this one.


This was so very cute and elegantly girly.

Good taste.


And that's it ! Thank you for looking