lundi 17 avril 2017

Barcelona day 2: Omnia Vanitas event


Some pictures from the main event ! I can't advise you enough to go check the SFE Flickr albums to see all of the talented official photographers' pics from the week-end.

Decided to wear white one day and black the other as per usual because habits are fun and this dress is also very perfect. It wasn't done on purpose at all but I love how Mila and I are matching, it made for such lovely pics !


Once setting up duties completed we took some precious minutes to take pictures of organizers and friends

Handsome Rosa, what can I say

It was such a please to see Mai again and she was flawless as per usual

Loved Josine's headpiece so much !!

exhibit A 

Bloody was the perfect picture of an Elegant Bampire Romance

Handsome Rosa makes all the ladies blush
And my babies !! Manami and Victoria who I hope I can meet again soon

Do you have the words. I don't
Except maybe look at all this handmade

We'd spent some days with the US darlings just before going to Barcelona in fact and it's probably the best thing to do since events are always so busy ?


Damn majestic

A French b&w sandwich

Thali's piece for the art exhibition (indeed card should read Crown Tea !) stole my heart and I'm still thinking about it several times a day

More beautiful people everyone was beautiful  

Waiting for the second fashion show

Many pictures from the little hallway which was very nicely decorated and very perfect for impromptu photoshoot sessions throughout the day

Mrs VM is some level of victorian lady perfection no mortal can ever wish to approach

Please note the pearl harness

After fashion show pictures in case you wondered whether Mila enjoyed changing outfit thrice a day (she does)

Wedding pics, I've been told

Sanni and Luise are as beautiful as they are precious souls

Marlessa was simple incredible this time again
And this time almost made me cry (I will never forgive ! <3)

Never mind my potato face, we realized with Hana how often we see each other and how we never ever take pictures together for some reason. It is now fixed.

Best shot of the day, I'm pretty sure


Some pictures from the fashion shows next, in no particular order at all



And I can't resist sharing some of the amazing pictures c0re2 photography took, they made me so happy. Those ladies are the best.


Thank you for reading, shorter tea party article upcoming !