dimanche 29 mars 2015


Il y a à peine quelques semaines, nous avions enfin rendez-vous avec Hana pour réaliser quelques photos, après des mois (que dis-je, peut-être même années ?) à en parler sans jamais réussir à concrétiser la chose. Par ma faute, je dois l'avouer. C'est désormais chose réparée !

Herbier Aquatique par Messalyne
Créé en collaboration avec Hana, il est l'inspiration de ces photos, bien qu'ayant été dévoilé après leur réalisation. Mais pourquoi ferions-nous les choses dans le bon ordre ?

Et en guise de bonus, ces photos qui ne s'intègrent pas à la première série, mais que j'aime beaucoup.

mercredi 18 mars 2015


These are merely portraits... Less of me than of this wonderful bonnet, in fact. I always have a hard time posting so many portraits compared to, say, outfit shots. But it doesn't matter. Hana gave me her lilies after we took pictures last week (they are coming soon !), and I was more than happy to bring them home. They are my favourite sort of flower.  They had short lives, the poor things, but they served wonderfully in two photographic occasions.


jeudi 12 mars 2015

Btssb 8th Anniversary Tea Party in Fauchon

The day after LVER, we organized the tea party for Btssb Paris~ It took place on the exact date too, which is a lovely coincidence.

It included all the usual activities : raffle, best dressed prizes, and of course, food. (We do like food. Though I didn't eat a lot and missed servings, we got home with plenty of leftovers °^°)

We had also included another activity which is very dear to French Café : the real-life valentine station ! We had cut hundreds of papers and really thought it would be enough. It wasn't. Everyone wrote cute little notes to their friends and new acquaintances and it was really heart-warming to see. I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to write something to me, it means so much and I wish so much I could know who you are ;w; (I may have recognized one or two writings, but one can never be sure...)

The "birthday cakes" were éclairs and macarons towers~

Some pictures of the lovely tables !

Diana's scepter was amazing !

Masumi Kanoh & lovely Rosalynn

Head table !


The kade-don of our lives happened.

So much love. Is Mathilde approving... Or afraid ? 

Martha took a picture of Sophie, Shimi, Marianne and me, thank you dear !

 Love these picture too ;w; 
Thank you Chung Hee Jee

The Sister Maria gang ! Don't they look amazing ?

I joined them for a potato reunion.


 Tiya was so lovely in her circus-officer outfit. Such a gentleman.

More Russian team pictures !

With the lovely and very amazingly-dressed Imogen and Maja !

 Just before the raffle.

Mila was dancing because her "side of the room" won a lot :p

Maja and Marlessa were our two best dressed ! 

I didn't get any full shot for the day... But I got this portrait. 
Thank you Philippe !

Thank you to everyone who came, thank you for supporting Btssb Paris~
We wish them many many more anniversaries to celebrate !