dimanche 28 décembre 2014

The Kammie World Tour : Paris — II

After the catacombs, we went to visit Deyrolles and their wonderful preserved animals of all sorts~ It made me want to start a butterfly collection.

Most important part of the day (I guess) : raclette !

Nom nom.

We then went to Kawaii Café (as usual, should I say), where we played a wonderful game of CAH : lolita edition. We had re-made and printed the lolita edition after Alex's work and it was absolutely glorious. Still, my best shot isn't exactly lolita-related...

I'm so sorry.

Wonderful tattoo and the little wool Gizmo Kammie gifted us; thank you so much. It matches. It's so cute *^*

Happy birthday Marina ! We stayed late for the cake. Of course.


 Thank you Marina for the polaroids once again * ^ *

And this picture is most obviously from Mila

And obviously after this we had to do a most Parisian activity : absinthe tasting. We parted late at night, or more accurately early in the morning. What a life.
It was truly an awesome day. I feel so blessed to have met these wonderful people ! I can't wait to see you guys again !

Thank you Mila for organizing all of this, and Kammie and Michael to have followed us on this adventure. Next time we shall visit Ladurée and do tourist-y stuff. And play again !

vendredi 26 décembre 2014

The Kammie World Tour : Paris — Part I

Last week-end, Kammie visited us in Paris (‘∀’●)♡ as a part of what is truly a world tour with her friend Michael. Hence my very clever an funny title. (...) It was such an amazing day ! I can't wait to meet them again !

We first headed to the catacombs where we waited for a good one hour and a half, which left us some time to take pictures while the sun was still up (but I don't have any outfit pictures because bad timing. Sadness.)

Kammie was wearing lavender so amazingly ! But what was I expecting anyway ?~

 We wanted to wear Cosmic~ 
In fact, almost everyone could have worn Cosmic. We should plan this one day.

Mila is the cutest, I love every outfit with this skirt ♡

Very rock n'roll Tro-Tro !

And very cute Sandra~

Marina had joined us as well for this visit, but arrived exactly when we entered so I have no picture of her ! (Yet LUCKY YOU) (We almost died from hypothermia). I realized that I could enter for free as an art student (sometimes it serves you !) and after about a hundred stairs (which we dread to have to climb at the exit), we arrived in the charming, all-year-long 15°C catacombs.

I got some pretty nice (albeit grainy) pictures of skulls there.

 The dudes back then were not exactly funny. 

We, one the other hand, had way too more fun than what is usually expected in such a place.

We learnt the most important thing : give Kinder chocolates to your friends from the United States to make them happy ♡

And strange things happened.

Some very strange things.

Aliénor, rpz.

Tall Tro-Tro
(No, it's not a military salute) (But it could have been !)

Soon : part II, with way too much food and way too many drinks !