vendredi 22 avril 2016

À l'aventure — II

What I had planned to wear to the Tea Party ! Of course I forgot the bag. And of course the reds absolutely don't match in pictures (yet much better in real life). It was quite fun to be this colorful.

That's way too many pictures of my face i'm sorry i didn't mean to.

I had knots in my hair because sailor theme.

Mila was looking fantastic, all in lavender

Tiya was gorgeous in that gorgeous dress ;A;

Elegant sassy pirate Ludwig & his wife

Mighty viking wife, that is.

Sandra looking like the perfect pirate

Tro-Tro was like a royal & extremely wealthy pirate and that wig, those eyes, the blue !!

We arrived exactly, perfectly, right on time and it should be noted. We were accompanied to the tea party room, which was at the back of that very charming hotel, after a walk through gardens. We seated ourselves at the pirate table upon arriving, which was very fitting. I love the chest filled with treasures — food !

...Gang signs ? I guess. Possibly.

Ludwig facepalmed hard but still managed to look wonderful way too quickly after that.

Organizing team during welcome speech

This week-end was filled with silly portrait pictures. Here are the "biscuit of sadness" ones. Not that there wasn't enough to eat, because there was plenty ! But we had to wait to eat and it made us so incredibly sad.

Now we know that Tiya can open an hard apple cider bottle in exactly 11 seconds AND with minimal blood shed.

The day was lovely and the location very nice and accomodating, so we spent quite some time outdoors doing stupid things but also nothing at all.

Simply chilling.

Wolfling was elected best dressed ! She really deserved it, she was incredibly beautiful — and you can't even really see the details of her outfit here.

Mandatory bathroom shot, I call it "Saint Tiya touched by grace and that air-blowing thing w/ apostles" — there was actually a bathtub in there, we were tempted to take a bath all together but had to accept the hard truth; we would have never fitted.

Group picture !

Then we had to go for a ride back of way too many hours; loudly singing along to the best Faun record in broken German. Thank you Ludwig for the pure love and dedication it took to bring us there (and Tro-Tro for the same thing though I did not ride with you — and that wonderfully decorated house.)

We stopped so many times to eat stuff and whatnot and on one particularly creepy stop we were like "this is where zombies appear in movies usually" so Alien decided to BE that zombie to scare off eventual misguided souls and it worked well, we weren't afraid anymore. Not sure about the other people, though.

L'aire de repos de La Leu, elle vous rend heureux.

*  *

I actually... Won the biggest raffle prize... First time ever I was so ?? very excited. It was unfortunately not my style at all but I still had to honor it with an outfit because it's really really nice and also happiness.

You can tell it's a long time ago because i had smol arms still haha sobs

Constellations ! V. Important