dimanche 6 mars 2016

Contes et Merveilles

On February 27th took place our collaborative event between French Café and Lyon-based association Aüra Lolita !

After what felt like months of preparations (wait, no; it's actually really months) Sandra, Tro-Tro and myself went for a small week-end in the city.

Yume had put together a beautiful floral decoration for the rooms 

FOOD. It's the first event I take part in as an organizer where I eat this much. There was just a lot. It was heaven.

The day was divided between several games and activities and prizes to win because we love to make people win prizes. We had the mandatory raffle as well as best-dressed prize, a photocorner kept by the great Baptiste, as well as food and drink — and even a special game including food because we just. love. Estelle won the Princess' ring with her special slice of cake, and made a super cute video about the day here !

I'm wondering if my vision is deteriorating again or if every single picture is in fact blurry. A good thing I wan't on photocorer duty for long... Sorry everyone. Must invest into a better camera soon.Still, it means there are about 70 people I don't have pictures of and I wish I had !

I barely took any pictures of the last room, but it featured the raffle stall and also the valentine trees to leave people sweet words (or straight-out silliness). It was actually packed most of the day !

In between was situated our little photocorner — a nice room of dark wood we had decorated. I kind of want to live there.

I didn't know what to wear until the day before because damn everything. The most important feature for your organizer purposes is your shoulder bag. It carries the time and that extra pair of scissors you'll inevitably need at some point. It therefore carries your whole life.

Thank you Grandma for the cutains

Tro-tro was so lovely I have about 65 photos of her.

Wolf wore what was probably my favourite outfit from the event !
Next to Hanabi who DARES to say she isn't photogenic. These poeple, I swear.

1001 Nights Bloody which is actually an amazing interpretation of the theme

Sandra was a little ray of early spring sun 

This is pure love

Equally pure love

Honestly everyone was beautiful

Amazing Pom was the most perfect Snow White I've ever seen and I have no picture of her whole outfit, which is the cause of many sads.

Kage our best dressed prince

I love how everyone used and transformed the theme. You did wonders, all of you.


With lovely people~  I was so happy to meet Alhoys — you're a great great person and I can't thank you enough for your kindness and also let's meet up again soon !
Also I always manage to see Sasha at events and we never got any time to talk and it is frustrating.

White Squad and also Chieko the chandellier

French Café team present on the day — everyone else was dearly missed

And Aüra Lolita team ! Do you know how hard it is to have everyone look into the same camera... Sorry ;A;

Stealing this one from Tro-Tro because I love it — 
thank you for the most beautiful valentine in the entire world. Nasty. 

Thank you so much for trusting us and coming and I hope everyone had fun and ate lots.
Until next time !