mercredi 16 avril 2014

London, IV

 Gifts for Mila and I from Lorina Lidell ! How cute is that ?

In the evening, we went to the Adventure Bar ! Which is very cool, but like many others, closes at 11pm on Sundays. Anyway, we got to dine (sensually) with Tom Cruise and that's all that matters.

Now, I have quite a hard time socializing and since we were mostly not together on this evening with my friends, added to the tiredness of the whole week-end, well, it made it very hard for me. And sad. Mostly sad. I'm sorry we left so quickly after finding another bar ;_;

Monday was the day we had our train back home, with some time before that to visit and do shopping. We held a contest in H&M : 15 minutes to put the ugliest outfit together. I think we all won. Mila was a homeless hipster, Diana adopted the redneck-at-the-beach style and I was a 14 years old girl attending her first party. (You can't really see but my t-shirt says "Twerk It".)

...Some dignity regained. Love these J&J socks (which were mismarked as tights; I think I have bought £23 socks when I could have had the exact same for £18. Oh, well.)

An uncanny likeness.

Fattest dessert  ever ate.

And after that (and a lovely visit to some strange shop selling costumes and weed seeds) it was already time to go back home. We met at the hotel with Aliénor who had spent the say amongst dinosaurs, and took our train just in time. The best nap of all naps ensued.

What I came back with~ I also won a AatP eyepatch at the Tea Party raffle but gave it to Ludovic since it was really the only item he liked. (If you're reading this, dear : I'll borrow it from you, one day.)

Lots of love on you, thank you so much for following~!

mardi 15 avril 2014

London, III : Tea Party day

Sunday was Tea Party day !

It was much calmer than the day before, and so it was really a pleasure to be able to speak and take pictures calmly, between two cups of tea. 

The food was good (in fact I have never eaten so much than during this trip...), though I had a very alone moment when I mistook the butter for custard cream (I hate butter) and I think I could have eaten all the salmon sandwiches if given the chance.

(Also yes, all my articles start with Mila but she's always the one I photograph first.) 

(Also yes, bis, Blogspot ruined all the colours, it's incredibly dark now and I don't feel like re-uploading everything. Sorry.)

Diana was official Japanese-to-English translator for the day. She  always looks so lady-like !

Mila and Ludovic went as Alice and the White rabbit, they looked wonderful ! They hadn't told anyone about their outfits, and so I think they must have laughed when I told them I had bought the Btssb Heart Apron mere days before.

...I went as a Yuko fan, mostly. I had never met the Atelier Pierrot designer before, so I had to wear my new acquisition !

Mila tried to teach us how to idol pose with food : you have to feed your (certainly creepy and old) fans with a innocent smile ! We tried... And I think we failed.

Once the photo is taken, you are allowed to regain your previous natural derpy state.

A picture with Carmilla ! She was so sweet the whole time~ 

 I stole these from Tralala's instagram, her pictures are very cute !

Our charismatic organizers.
They're all wonderful and dedicated persons, I was really glad to spend time with them.

Dress porn.

Carmilla had made a deal with Mila for a picture with both of us, and what can I say ? We only mean to please !

I had the most wonderful moment when I went to speak with Yuko with a "hey-look-what-i-got" look on my face, showing her my Atelier Pierrot corset. Screaming (on her part) and fangirling (on mine) followed.

Thank you Mila for the many pictures

Speaking of fangirling, we went to take pictures with Arthael and DarthMyrrhjust after that ! They look so wonderful together, their outfits are really incredible. I want to roll around in all these frills.

Nelly and Marlessa

Autumn Minori !

The most beautiful dark ladies.


The French-speaking lolitas ! We were quite a lot, and even if I didn't spend as much time with them as I would have liked, I still was glad they were here.
However, I realized afterwards that Hanako was missing in these picture ;-; How has that even happened ?

The French elegance.

Ann-So took some last pictures before we retired to the little suite when almost everyone was gone. Thank you so much for letting me use them !

The most two iconic pictures of the day : Puppet Circus gang and the SFE team with their beautiful guests !

I leave you with this for now, a silly last day post will follow very soon.