mardi 10 septembre 2013

What a jolly good trip - day 2

 After a little more sleep than the night before, we started the day all dressed up and happy for the long-awaited event : Frock On ! Miracles do happen, it seems, and so the badges Aliénor and I had made for every one of us Fabulous Team arrived a few hours before leaving for London.

Very casually riding the bus to Frock On.

I was wearing my beloved vintage dress with Alice Auaa underskirt, handmade headdress and brooch, Fabulous Team badge, Btssb heart bag and a wonderful Juliette et Justine necklace (see at the end of the article).

Frock On's "dealer room" overview, 11 am, everyone strolling happily between the booths.
A few moments before the fashion show !

We got to hear an interview of Hitomi form Grimoire. Here next to her translator in Cadre du Chat.

Hi there perfect people.

Highlights from the fashion show~ You can see the rest on my facebook if you'd like !

Mila, radiating in Millefleurs.
Now I know my opinion is a little biased but really, she brightened the whole room.

Wonderful Brehmen dress by J&J

Nina, perfect as always, also in J&J

Bloody and her dashing smile !


*     *

Herajika and Maja ! I was strangely calm and composed while meeting Herajika for the first time, but the truth is she's one of my lolita inspirations since I first joined the fashion. Maja is incredibly nice too, she is wearing a wig here but her short hair looks wonderful with lolita !

Obligatory mirror shot in the bathroom.

Nina giving advice about posing, and Aliénor, Tiya, Ludo and Mila doing the exact opposite.

We reunited in the bright changing room which was also where the photo booth was, to take group pictures. Here you can see our lovely group of French (and Belgian !) people~


We had been waiting for months to do these following group pictures. They are perfect

Punks at heart. Rebelling against... Hurting feet, most probably.

And then we decided to invade the pictures booth ! I swear, for the life of me, I can't change poses and faces that quickly. I really can't. Hence why I have the same face in most pictures. Fortunately, my comrades were much more creative.


After that it was alerady time for raffle prizes, I didn't take any pictures because I couldn't be bothered, most of us Frenchies were elegantly seated - sprawled on the floor in a corner. I didn't win anything (but then again I'm not particularly known for my luck at drawing games) but we all got to get yummy chocolates, which was a really cute attention !

There were several attempts at group pictures, that try in the stairs was - I think - the most logical one, I'm sure we could all have fitted if we had also occupied the lower floor.

And then it was already time for goodbyes, tired and hurting as we were, it was a relief to know that a hot shower and a mildly comfortable bed were waiting for us. I still took outfits shots for Mila and Aliénor because they didn't really have any, and then we got back to our hotel. But it wasn't the end of the day - at all ! We got together once again in the evening to eat (first time at Burger King, I can't say I was impressed but their flavored, illimited soft drinks are quite something.) 
We had planned to go for a (real) drink after that, but we found... The most magical and at the same time most terrifying store ever... The M&M's store ! Now, I can understand how you can be a fan of Hello Kitty and stuff but come on, M&M's ? Really ? 
We spent way too much time taking pictures with all the ugly-yet-almost-funny stuff in that enormous, three-floored, artificially chocolate-scented shop and we got to learn (thanks to a very credible scan) what M&M's colour we were. Like, in essence, in the depth of our kokoros. You'll all be delighted to know that I am a lovely golden shade of M&M's. Surely I can say my life has a meaning since that day.
At Burger King. My (most wonderful and stupid) idea of the four of us taking silly pictures in the well-known parts of London with miniature tea cups (kindly provided by Mila) wans't that succesfull (we forgot about it, actually), but we did get a few silly shots !

Though overwhelmed by shame (and terror), Zoé and I played the tourists for the picture. It already was too much for Alinéor, who's showing her most beautiful facepalm here. (Picture curtesy of Mila !)

Practising faces. Aliénor needs to teach me. I mostly look dead.

And so after that we all sadly parted, to get some well-earned sleep before we left the day after. We were all very sad not to be able to party with our friends, we don't see them all that often and it would have been wonderful to share more time together in London... But we wanted to get back to our hotel at midnight at most, because really, that amount of tiredness would have make us pass out at some point. We realized when we got back that it was time for the monthly episode of Kawaii International. A very special episode indeed, since we got to see dear Mila guiding Minori around the streets of Paris~ Albeit way too short, it was very strange and nice and wonderful to see her on screen *^* (And actually, some of us -and I'm quite nice so I won't say who- did actually fall asleep during the episode !)

* *
I was a bit sad not to find anything worth buying at Frock On (though if I had the money I would gladly have bought that Cloudberry Lady hat or a second-hand Moitié skirt, admitedly), but my lovely Mila got this for me ;o; A wonderful Juliette et Justine cross necklace with Christ and Mary on it and a most suitable inscription on the back. Needless to say, I wear it everyday.

 We still had a bit of time the morning after before catching our train, so we did go to the Harry Potter section of King's Cross with the hopes of seeing our friend who had a meeting there, but unfortunately we missed them. And so we visited the HP store, took pictures, went to drink coffee or hot chocolate (that we paid in 5 cents coins to get rid of them), then we said goodbye to Mila who attended the Frock On Tea Party (while Ludovic, Aliénor and I didn't), and spent an (though essentialy sad) almost funny return journey talking about grammar and the joys of Paris with the most stereotypical Australian guy ever. And I think that's it.

And so with this ends our jolly good trip in a jolly good city with jolly good people. I miss you all so much already !