vendredi 18 novembre 2016



Very happy to have acquired the AP dreamdress 2.0... Lace quality isn't what it used to be (back in my day) but still a beauty. I'm not entirely convinced by the lace turned napkin turned headdress on me but there is a magic about owning matching accessories. I can't explain. You never wear them, but they're here.

Anyway that should be my last purchase before A While. It's strange to think that there's nothing else you'd like to have, but I might be there. Is it freedom, is it at last


dimanche 6 novembre 2016

Triple Fortune — July 29th

This article is many months late, I am well aware...
So mainly I'll invite you to check the related album on French Café's Flickr, for all the pictures taken this day (including those long-awaited kabedon pics !)

Sale on the morning @ Kawaii Café


Then the tea party at Ladurée on the Champs-Elysées because we went Full French.

It really was a lovely day, moreso a lovely monday and I'm very grateful for everyone who came despite it being on a week day. I hope everyone had fun !

"BK is watching you"


 Wore AP with newly acquired bonnet

This is indeed absolutely Perfect 

Sandra has made the nicest hat for the occasion


Whenever I feel down I look at this sensual pen pic.

This also chases the sads very efficiently !!

See the fun thing with Alien is that she's always the one in charge, no matter the context

Sandra's enjoying herself far too much and I'm apparently pregnant with Babi's child


 Three raffle winners & Best Dressed Pom !

Stealing Tro-Tro's pictures has become a habit
Alright but I humbly feel we look damn refined here? 

Damn fine team

Thank you all !!

Thank you Georgia for the sweets that were immensely enjoyed and brought a early Halloween feeling~ 

The day haul featuring long awaited black bonnet 
I've been looking for u all my life
And I don't know how Babi learnt about my love for clearfiles but I'm grateful !

+ card I had made for the occasion, an honor truly !