lundi 1 mai 2017

Barcelona day 3: OV tea party

Just a few pictures of the OV tea party, as for some reason I didn't take many. Time was spent chatting ! (And eating, a bit.)

Some little tea party goodies — I still can't believe I gtot to talk to Kira Imai about art a bit, it felt like a dream come true. Or that she tattooed that baby moth onto her delicate hand first thing into the event — and I didn't even see it. Might as well be better this way.. If you ask me..

I haven't been able to think of anything else ever since Lindzi pointed it to but alas, no, I don't think the macarons were yellow and red specifically to evoke Spain. I wish.

Our lovely table 

When I say Mai is incredible I do in fact mean — look at that make-up

Beautiful aoptive parents for whom I hope to be a kind, loving (tastefully arting) child !! Such a joy to meet every time

The day's look was SoftTM

For some reason all my other pics were blurry... [whispers] I'm so sorry

This pic of nearly all the US team's the most epic thing that happened that day. Still can't believe all those people would travel so far. Thank you from the bottom of all our small hearts

The famous russian perfection 

Camélia was Ayumi's best dressed pick and Jo was Yuko's and I coudn't take any pictures of the others, such a shame

And truly this is more for the sheer memory because I wish I could have done like Kira Imai and hidden my face BUT really the joy of it. I'm very grateful. Really, really.

Thanks a lot to everyone who came at OV, hope you all enjoyed it !!