mercredi 12 novembre 2014

Brussels : Tea Time

More pictures on French Café's flickr

Goodie bags for the Tea Party, made with love !

After a most terrible night at the hotel where we changed rooms at 2 AM upon the discovery of terrifying (living) things in our beds, Mila having to wake up at 5, La vie en Rose's tickets sale and getting ready, it was a very busy and tiring morning on Sunday !

Nevertheless, we were happy and on time when we got to Sunday's location : the Dominican hotel in Brussels.

I am wearing (the mysterious and most loved !) MmM OP, Triple Fortune hat, J&J necklace and offbrand everything else.

Thank you Mila for patiently taking these pictures~


Mila was wearing MmM OP and Ank Rouge shoes. 

She says she cosplays me when we lend each other clothes, but I disagree. She wears them her own beautiful, sophisticated way. (While for me it's more like "hey I'm just goint to pile up everything white that I have oh and since I have too much hair, I'll end up looking like a ghostly potato with no waist but it's okay !") I could never have made this dress look so beautifully mori. I love this outfit. A lot !


Sandra and Zoé both were very cute on black and red. I love how it compliments Sandra's hair ! Well, Zoé's too, now that I think about it.

Very elegant Ludovic in his dream jacket.


I really liked Lunie's tasteful display of stripes (which is not easy at all). Also clowns.


Once again, I am only posting my absolute favourite outfit pictures. Now that I look at them, I can't help but notice how everyone was dressed in red, white or black. That makes for a very lovely crew~

Everyone was so beautiful, I epecially admired Kitch and Ayumi's outfits, they were somptuous ! I have an ever soft spot for Jesus dresses and white outfits.


I do not have many pictures indoors, for the light is always too low in such places. I wish I could have photographed the buffet too, because we had a lot of different tasty things such as mignardises, salmon and cucumber sandwiches, waffles, macarons, fruit salads (I'm almost re-living the moment here !) but food came little by little, so no impressivly big plates here. In the end though, it is worst because you have to go try whatever the waiters are bringing. And that's how I ate way too much. Which is always a good thing at Tea Times !

We chatted a lot with everyone, in between small outdoors sessions where we went to take pictures — before coming back for another cup of tea (or half a galleon of orange juice, you choose). At the end of the day we had the raffle, with prizes from the very lovely Owloli (French Café staff member Sandra), Moon Bunny and Medusa Couture. Ayumi and Hilde (especially Hilde !) were very lucky~

Some mandatory derpy pictures.

Now I can't help but notice how Kitch is OFTEN involved where derpiness happens. 
That may be because you're too great, dear !

Am I selling that fruit salad to you yet ? Am I playing healthy-girl well enough ?

We then took some more pictures (including a very organized group picture !), and bid everyone goodbye.

I was very happy to get to meet some people more, to see Lunie, Giru and Kitch again after Garden Party, and of course, to take pictures of everyone. (That' really my favourite thing to do at such events. But then again people are so creative and pretty, so how could I not ?)

I hope everyone enjoyed their afternoon, and I'm so sorry I didn't get good outfit shots of everyone but please go see the Flickr at the top of the article, there are many more pictures ther, includinf Mila's and Lunie's very pretty outfit shots of everyone !

Last two pictures curtsey of Hildekitten — Thank you so much for letting me use them ! And thank you for the numerous chekis, they really are lovely. You can see more on her Flickr.

I love this picture so much (´∀`)♡

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  1. So glad I got to meet you again and got to know you and some others a bit more ~
    As always you looked wonderfull (*///*)~ <3 and I'm so flattered that you liked my outfit (;///u///;)
    I hope we'll get to meet again soon ^^ !

    Important note: derpy pictures are always best pictures x'DDD !!!

  2. Oh what simply wonderful photos! Everyone looks amazing. :)