dimanche 17 juillet 2016

Under the Sea — tea party

Sanni doing photography wonders as always. Many picture here are hers. Thank you so much for the amazing photos ; ;

I didn't even consider for half a second wearing anything else than precisely this for a tea party with J&J.

Tea Party day ! This was probably the best tea party I ever attended. Amazing guests, the food I DIDN'T GET TO EAT but still, good; location was perfect and everyone was beautiful and kind and I had a blast. Truly.

We spent the day chatting and taking one million pics, in between the most animated raffle I've seen and very exciting guests' best dressed picks. Really I wish I could comment on the food because it looked lovely but it was taken away before I could eat and this remains the saddest moment of the day.

I'm so very glad to have taken, and having photographers take so many because look at this, I can bury myself undeneath all the photos and memories and it is the loveliest thing.

Arriving early enough for check-in not to have begun yet not early enough to truly help set up (a shame...) Mila and I ended up... up. Upstairs, actually. Discovering the location : space ! Space everywhere. The best.

I remember we roughly planned "bonnets"... Which is enough.

So happy to have gotten the keychain Alex designed, this had been the Goal.

Beautiful Tess!

Ashleyyy how are you even real.

Elize being noticed by senpai

Martha and Tess~

The babes

Carmilla <3 we never got the time to chat enough in the end but her presence is always a ray of sunshine.

It was so lovely to have Michiko attend a SFE event ! She looked incredible

My children being molested by Akira
I mean-- no they're fully consenting

Let it be known that Georgia is an actual angel ??

I'm ashamed of having taken such a simple picture of the best photographer but, still !!

Tro-Tro was incredible and I'm all for bondage pirate. Anytime.

Guests picked their favourite outfits and it was the loveliest moment.

Idk what we're looking at but it is Not The Same

Connie's ship is.. sailing....

Arthael and DM looked out of this world. As always, but still. So happy to see them every year, Thanks again for the laughs and generosity ; ;
I think at this point it's time we go to Thailand, but it is... merely a suggestion...

Where does the painting end and where does the real person begins ? I do not know.

I can't handle

Squad goals : we exceeded them

Team Connie kabedonning the wall vs team Connie kabedonning me pick your side

Post-event glory
This is actually my favourite thing ever

We then picked up Vief to eat and rest before the after party ! Vief is a real mermaid. In case you didn't know. After party was something, too. Resisted dancing, you won't see me dance, or I'd have to be in an advanced alcoholic state, which thankfully didn't happen !! That is a success.

Got some kind of... Instagram collection..

 Stolen from Mallory who is an angel

 Almost ate Elize !! Almost...

I must finish with those pics stolen from k aka the Best Pictures

This is it, I'm sad from looking at those, sad that it is over but so immensely happy that it happened at all. This tea party was amazing and seeing everyone was amazing and I wish we had this more often than once a year honestly. I miss everyone so much. But somehow... We always end up meeting again !

Until next time !

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  1. If the event was beautiful, the UTS tea party was beyond words!!! ♥
    Everyone's outfits were surreal, the place looks like a fairytale's palace and my heart melted for every single picture I've seen from that day! Since then, I have a HUGE crush on Connie, her outfit was amazing (you all had awesome outfits tbh but one can't control it's heart so mine choose Connie lol)... Btw, I can't choose between team ConniexWall and ConniexYou, so I pick both! xD
    So sad you didn't have time to enjoy the food but it's great that you had fun anyway! Thanks for these collection of awesomeness that are those pictures! :D
    Hugs and little bats,
    Med ♥

    darkmedora.blogspot.com ♥