samedi 16 juillet 2016

Under the Sea — event

 Thanks Anh Binh as always ! 
Surviving heat is not a thing and so I was wearing a velvet Makyo OP with added velvet Axes Femme vest and, overall, died.

In case you didn't know I'm actually SMALL.

On to the event ! My duties being limited to front desk check-in and roughly taking pictures, I ended up spending the day doing just that as well as helping Mila film for kawaii International (I hope you've seen the episode !!)

This event was a dream in that I met so many many people I wanted to meet or had not seen for more than a year and that is the most precious thing.

Left picture by mossmärchen !!

Very goth Sanni and Mallory and equally very goth Ashley — I was so happy to meet all of them that was a dream. You're all amazing. Let's have an old goth meet sometimes.

Event begun with guests and SFE introductions and that is when I lost count of the time and just started running around ? Taking pictures ? Filming ? All of that.

Photographers are extreme and you should love them

I am a good friend, I--- 
Making badges for photographers gave SOME ideas.

Lou at Owloli's stall

Harly and Iana

Pictures by Sanni ! I'm still doubting those ladies even exist, this is when I am grateful for pics to remind me.

I didn't... Din't really edit fashion show pics. I don't know what happened. Here's a few anyway.

Georgia in Mamechiyo kimono was a vision.

 Look at all the amazing people.

I would like to thank all of SFE for this beautiful event, and add a special mention to the incredible photographers who worked on this event ! Feast your eyes at SFE official Flickr and give them love.

And I stole this from Tro-Tro 'cause I firmly believe in letting our true elegant selves shine
This is what we send Tiya. Poor Tiya.

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  1. How beautiful, UTS was the most beautiful/awesome/stunning event I witnessed in my lolita existence (woah, that was deep lol) and you were so lucky to be able to attend it! Everyone was perfect and I can't get tired of these amazing outfit pictures!
    Your outfit was very beautiful! ♥ That picture with the baddass photographer is a jewel, what a courage! lol
    Hugs and little bats,
    Med ♥ ♥