dimanche 24 juillet 2016

AP opening & JE 2016

 July 7th was the opening of the new AP shop in Paris ! I wanted to get all excited and queue for one million hours with everyone but getting there at all required that I take a day off, and days off are sacred. That and also I'm getting old. Therefore I went at 11... Took a queueing ticket then off to eat our bodyweight in pastries with Sandra, Marina and Roxane. Such is the true way of life.

I got back two hours later and the only item I was interested in purchasing was still there. Misty Sky socks, you escaped me too many times but now you're mine. A success, overall.

Marina and I were matching !

The precious

Introducing to you: The Most Tiring Day

Starting with Japan Expo ! Went there with Mila andeven dragged classmate A. (see I'm protecting your identity, how generous) who's in fact very much enjoying all the weeb. I hope the alpaca's being well-treated.

We met up with Alien and Sandra briefly on NHK booth, looked for Neb Aaran Do desperately (they weren't there that day, no clothes for sale, I can't even begin to decsribe all the tears shed, well. Disappointing. . .)

Marina informed us that Dokyuusei was finally being published in French, and debuting at Japan Expo! I'm the happy owner of two versions now. The JP one will traditionally always be the nicest but truly that French one isn't bad. Also bought matching pup and salmon keychain (?? hwat) with Mila because we have superb taste. That and I finally got to meet and buy from and chat for way too long with Su, so I'm very happy overall.


Why live if you can't exhaust yourself ? I ask myself everyday. Coming back to Paris we met up with RinRin for Ladurée and shopping ! It was such a pleasure to see her again. She is the nicest most adorable. I hope we can meet again next year !

Many many pictures of everyone. RinRin was shooting video and I just kind of, took advantage of it but then when am I not.

Probs set to murder you 

I wanted to be a potato for Japan Expo because there is a limit to suffering and I'm drawing it at tight clothes. 
It was still Way Too Hot, so the long-sleeved OP probably wasn't the best idea.

Appreciate the Neb Aaran Do, it's the most you'll see (cries) 

I heard those AP lucky packs were good

I heard this AP shopping was good, even

RinRin is not real


Thank you for reading !!

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  1. That's always a win when you go to the shop you have to wait a long time to get inside and what you want is still there. (Though recently my equivalent if that has been putting things in my online shop basket and coming back to it to still see it there :P) I love all the photos from your photoshoot with RinRin, they're all so natural and have a sort of floaty summer feel to them. RinRin is probably the only person who could take such an opulent, elegant OP and still make it look that little bit casual. And I'm impressed you didn't cook like a hard boiled egg in that black long sleeve OP, it looks very warm. Looking fantastic though! :)