vendredi 15 avril 2016


Two weeks ago (already...) I was flying (for the first time, can you imagine. I did not die. I was forced to do the homework I had avoided in case I'd perish during the trip. "No time for that now, eh") to glorious Germany to go visit Tiff in Dresden !

Tiff whom I met through my very sane current... hobbies... I draw a lot and Tiff writes a lot and at some point I guess it just collided. We thrive on the same brand of subtle yet bold, raw despair. As well as many other things but yeah, mostly that. People actually scream at us on various platforms... Occasionally...

I remember she simply went "you should totally come visit me" to which I replied "sure" and there we were. It's the quickest most crazy decision I've ever made in my life and I'm pretty proud of it.

On the first day we went to visit some small cute castles and stuffs and we took a boat and it was a little bit magical. Beautiful and out of time and everything was lovely. It was actually very sunny and pretty warm all week-end (I think we went as far as complaining about the heat) but I like my grey filters too much to let it show.

This picture features Johnny the goose, as well as Johnny 2 and Johnny 3 and Johnny 14. Actually they're all Johnny the goose.

The second day we spent eating and visiting more, namely the old part of Dresden which is amazing.

Women's church, you stole my breath and my very heart.

The Holy Light of public transportation
Cute af

"Marie look it says trash"

Less beautifully pictured, thrown in between : fancy af pineapple basil ice cream (yes); smol castle thing; England England the cutest most kitsch tea room ever where you got the Queen smiling at you from your plate and everything is crochet, tapestry, grandma-style and I want to live there; us having 0 shame in front of street name plates which was followed by us having -654 shame, now with alcohol and a drinking game (Tiff absolutely can't be trusted with drinking games, that I insist on everyone knowing).
Also Platypus-kun's adventures. He's actually named Victor but Platypus-kun sounds nicer, weebier. He had one hell of a time in front of the Trash Display Window and I must admit, damn, me too.

That's all for the love today ! Thank you Tiff for welcoming me it was the best. The Very best. I had a blast also when do I come back.

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