mercredi 20 avril 2016

À l'aventure — I

This is from last year ! ! Can you actually believe. 7 months ago. It seems to me they flew by and I have not seen them go. So here we go. Best peeps going to the West of France for a chaaarming little week-end between friends.

The ride to get there was neverending. At some point I really thought we were going to all die and my only thought was "if I don't make it could someone please log into my art tumblr and publish my drafts, I have nice things there" (I swear) (I still think that, someone pls note). But we finally made it, somehow ! We have Ludwig to thank for that. We stayed in Tro-Tro's (family's) house near the sea and it was most lovey.

Staying up 'til 4 to make up for the time lost in the car, I guess. Sandra had brought us so many lovely gifts from Japan ;A;

The next day we spent an inordinate amount of time to get all dressed and fancy to essentially go grocery shopping. That's why I love this bunch of silly fashion addicts. Priorities.

Tiya does not approve of Ludwig's styling skills but really he's just trying to hep.

Have those been found again...? Rip fancy glitters

Tiya got her amazing selfie stick and it really was the week-end's accessory. 

Everyone's favourite potato - what am i even doing, i don't know

It's like that Romeo & Juliette scene but updated

Actual grocery shopping.
This is one of my fave pics from all week-end.

Have you been traumatized by official school pictures ? Because we have and decided to pay the memory a little tribute. Why the volley ball ? Well, why not. (Definitely not a weeb accessory or anything) (Side-eyes Sandra) The secret is to smile with your mouth yet cry with your eyes.

And group class pictures !

We then went by the sea to see Georges or Roger or whatever we decided to name the sea serpent sculpture (actually called Serpent d'Océan, by artist Huang Yong Ping).

Such losers

The goal (yes there was one) was to celebrate the long-awaited and very official wedding of Alien & Ludwig, which I officiated (is that the right word in english....?)

Which, also, was not easy. 

Alien kissed the bride

"Rent me" — elegant

Then it was RP time ! We had way too much fun, and treats, and Alien had much, much patience with us. Thank you for organizing this thank you for putting up with our shit "nah i'm just gonna take a nap and see if the enemy moves" DUDE NO THATS YOUR CUE TO ATTACK

A last walk to go back to see Roger-Georges swallowed by the tide and it was already time to go back to have a drink, or a dozen, and enjoy popular literature (you know what i mean) (you know EXACTLY what i mean don't play silly)

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  1. Yes we know what you mean huhuhuhu haha je suis deg qu'on n'ai pas joué au volley sur la plage (en bon weeb) mais tain on a ri avec ces photos omg x) et le Jdr c'était tellement ça 8D mais je trouve qu'on s'en est bien sortis pour un premier jeu 8D?