dimanche 4 octobre 2015

Moshi Moshi Nippon

Moshi Moshi Nippon festival happened yesterday (and today, October 4th, as well) and it sounded like a good way to celebrate a birthday. I had high expectations seeing as the US version was an incredible thing with activities, famous models and fashion show and... It wasn't the same in Paris, to say the least. The day part was a shame with only a few, lonely stalls displaying ugly clothes and a handful of Gudetama goodies. It was incredibly disappointing.  Luckily, the part that interested me the most was the night concerts.

Hon hon hon baguette

It started with Charisma.com and I didn't know what to expect seing as I didn't know them at all, and I've been pleasantly surprised. They have that lost-strange-schoolboy aesthetic that has me rolling on the floor drooling (oh well, almost). I really like their visual universe and now have a mild crush on the lead singer whom I want to take home and dress in Neb Aaaran Do clothes. It would suit her so, so very well.

Then it was Tempura Kidz's turn and I honestly didn't expect anything either, I only ever heard their name and not their music and it was a blast ?! Their songs are so happy and playful, the band is absolutely glowing with energy and craziness (that's what it takes to be Kyary's dancers I guess — and to be 16 years olds) and they really look like they're having fun. And I myself had an incredible amount of fun taking pictures during the concert, like I've never had before (I'm more interested in folk & metal concerts usually and the entertainment part is never big; it's much more focused on the music only and here it was a nice to experience such a show.)


The return of cutie from Charisma.com (both bands released an album together I think ?) with hon hon baguette once more.
 Is it the same baguette ? Did they eat it afterwards ? So many questions.

They're all a bit like your metaphorical hyperactive children, except P-chan who's ten times worse. Dude's unbelievable.

And finally, the long-awaited Capsule ! They're the only ones I knew and therefore the only one I was looking forward to originally, and... Can I say I've been a bit disappointed ? I don't know if it's because of the previous bands' energy or something like that, but Capsule looked very static in comparison, barely any interaction with the public either, their lightwork was too dark and tame (hence the too few pictures) and I found time passing a bit too slow... Toshiko spent more time refreshing herself than actually singing. It was still nice of course, but not as much as I had imagined.




Christophe's hands most likely ! 

While I'm at it, some music, some of my favourite from what I've heard !

Honestly it's not the kind of things I would listen to regularly, as I tend to appreciate music based on my emotional response to it and as you can guess, here it's pretty low. But, just like with my shameful liking of Morning Musume, it is very entertaining, light and carefree and sometimes one needs precisely that.

Charisma.com — HATE

Tempura Kidz —  はっぴぃ夏祭り

And, no direct link between the former songs and this one but I really like model Mito Natsume, and as she is getting more and more popular she started music as well (just like everyone else really), and I have a deep love for this music video. Reminds me of genius mangaka Akino Kondoh's aesthetic, A+.

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  1. God your pictures are to die for! O_O You are so amazing!
    Also, I'm so sorry Capsule wasn't what you expected. I hope you had a nice evening though. <3

    1. The rest more than made up for it <3 It was so much fun to take those pictures ! I was 3rd row so it definitely help. I want to go back and take more, honestly.

  2. Tempura kids are so cool on their own !
    Charisma.com seem cool tho I will listen~

  3. Haaan t'as eu de la chance de pouvoir prendre ton appareil photo, de mon côté je me suis faite escorter par le vigile à l'entrée pour déposer le mien au vestiaire ;__; Tes photos sont superbes, merci pour toutes les photos trop cool de Charisma.com <3