dimanche 18 octobre 2015

Meeting Sheri & Adel

Last month Mila had organized a meet-up for Sheri and Adel, who were coming from the US and whom she'd met in the US. We went to the recently opened Vigée Le Brun exhibition taking place in Grand Palais — a very good choice !

I have a fancy for these noblewomen portraits at the time when grey hair & blue accents were in fashion. I mean, look at that.

I was not supposed to take the picture of this one but...

Grand Palais also offers a lovely architecture to take pictures...

I really love this Princess Doll JSK, best purchase this year so far. I want more from smaller brands...

Mila's never any less than perfect in chocolate. 

Misty Sky photographs extremely bad but Marina was super cute !

Our incredibly nice & interesting guests for the day !

We then stopped by Deyrolles to admire preserved baby alpacas to take home in a near future, and went to have tea at Ladurée — a classic. There we were joined by Clafou and her boyfriend; I happen to have no pictures of them and I'm very sorry.

My choices in food are so not fancy, but I was really craving lemon.


Overall a very fancy and lovely day, I hope Sheri and Adel enjoyed themselves ! (Congrats again for the Rufflecon prize !)

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