dimanche 12 juillet 2015

Discover Japan new shop opening

Discover Japan, the shop that welcomes Angeic Pretty's pop-up shop every year, just opened a bigger shop on its own. They sell high-end Japanese tablewear and traditional items. To celebrate the opening, the owners had organized a private press event, for which they were looking for waitresses; Chieko, Mila and I applied, as well as some other girls I did not know (but whom I loved to meet !)

For the occasion, Angelic Pretty as well as Atelier Pierrot had lent some dresses to be displayed. And what dresses ! On AP's side, most of them were unique, fashion-show only pieces. It was amazing to get to see them (touch them !) in real life.

We were to dress up, and that ended up being a difficult task in 40°C+ weather. I was asked to wear black and decided for the lightest gothic I could manage.

Mila looks soft and fluffy like a lovely pastel cloud with that dress and hair *^*

Chieko was beautifully wearing one of the fashion show pieces~

And Emma was as well ! I'm sad I didn't get any picture of this Mirage Castle's waist-ties, they are covered in cristal strasses.  

We had some time between the setting up and the beginning of our shift, so we took pictures, of course.

Dolly Cat

Dream Marine

Marine Kingdom

The most incredible one was, for me, the wedding Memorial Cake dress that was featured at an Angelic Pretty fashion show during Japan Expo - was it in 2009 ? This dress has stayed in my heart ever since.

What a wonderful piece. We very much wanted to take it home.

"Mila tries on — or tries to try on things"

And then we had to — eventually — work in that lovely setting !

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  1. Oh, everything is just to cute! All of your photos are lovely ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thank you Amy ! I'm happy to see you like my posts, thank you for taking the time to comment ♥

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    1. No idea what it's called ! I think it was really created only for the 2009 Japan Expo fashion show. There are some pictures over the web, but not so many : https://www.flickr.com/photos/chriscb/3694284761/in/gallery-arsenic_and_old_lace-72157622627885768/