samedi 11 juillet 2015

Angelic Pretty pop-up shop opening

Since last year, summer events week begins by a long-awaited ritual : waking up at dawn (almost) to go queue in front of the Angelic Pretty pop-up shop. There were a lot of us this year ! Mila and I managed to get third and fourth in line. Not bad.

Derpy-chan of the fawn

Our main activity was taking pictures and examinating what was inside the shop to see what was for sale, including a lot of bets and head-twisting to finally triumphantly declare things such as "if you look closely enough at that last row of dresses you can see a tiny bit of lace peeking out from in between the OPs, so these are surely the JSKs". 

That, and also regular group expeditions to the Japanese bakery nearby to make stocks on treats and drinks in order to survive the heat. And the wait. The long, looong wait. What i liked best last year was that we got tickets with our queuing number on them as soon as we arrived, which allowed for a few hours of wandering around and sitting comfortably in cafes. It didn't happen this year, as tickets were given out half an hour before the opening, which still makes (for us, more for Mei and Chloé who were there since early morning) a grand total of two hours of waiting in line.

There were so many sold out prints (Misty Sky, Milky Cross, Castle Mirage, Shadow Dream Carnival, to name a few) and even some limited special sets in here ! Maki and Asuka told us they put aside latest relaases every year for the Parisian shop. Next spring if you miss out on the newest very popular dress, you may blame the lower number of garments put up for sale on the online shop in order to provide for Paris.

There were a lot of lucky packs with four different options, but none of them really appealed to me. More for the others !

I feel like I'm drowning in hair. This is the sweetest I can get !

I loooved Mila's look and the daring red and lavender combination— but then again when do I not love what she does ?

Cute Marina

Mei was so pretty in Celestial !

I was very happy to see Aydane who's been my schoolmate for two years; she managed to get Katrina JSK recently and I am very jealous.

Roxane had made drawings for Maki and Asuka ! I saw them displayed in the shop after that, it's so nice.


We entered by small groups so it took a while — especially with the first ones which I was a part of; since there is so much choice it takes very long and I think we stayed inside about 45min ? After everyone was mostly done (and broke), Maki and Asuka went out to take some pictures.

I've been pretty reasonable this year, seeing as Misty Sky accessories weren't available...
Small, almost-gothic AP haul. I can't wait for next year already !

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  1. God I wish I could have stood there in line with you! Maybe next year..?
    Everyone looks so cute! I adore your outfit (as usual)!

    1. Mee too! Maybe I'm crazy but it seems like a lot of fun to waiting for pop up store opening *_* especially if you can get this delightful matcha muffin while waiting *___*
      HOPE I CAN COME NEXT YEAR *______*

  2. Everyone looks so cute, as usual! Everything there looks so pretty, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon