samedi 12 avril 2014

London, II : Enchanted event

You can see all pictures on my facebook (public album) here
And the selected official pictures on the Street Fashion Europe flickr here

Here I will only post my favourite pictures from the Enchanted event, with some (very interesting, I'm sure) commentary ! I had a wonderful day running everywhere to take pictures, though I was a little sad not to enjoy the day with my lovely friends, but since darling Mila was very often on stage, and Diana and Mathilde were modelling anyway, it couldn't have happened.

I still met a lot of great people — I was so happy to meet Mai, to talk to Carmilla, Harly, Josine and Joana, and to take so many pictures of beautiful people that it was incredibly worth it !

Mila in the most perfect chocolate outfit ever (●´□`)♡

Diana, our Lady

 I was wearing my beloved dress that arrived just two days before the event, with an handmade headdress of thorns. Mila took these pictures, and they are the ones I like the most since... Months, at least. She is the best

We went with Harly to find a nice spot to take pictures at just before the even started. Her outfits are always so put together, I am amazed.

Lisa all in white (and gold!) We were seated next to each other during the brunch, but since I am very lame I did not really talk to her. She's very sweet and I loved her outfit, so I asked her for some pictures !

While at my improvised photo corner, I took the chance to have pictures with these lovely people ! Here with Josine whom I loved meeting :3

No Ra is incredibly beautiful and very nice, I absolutely wanted a picture with her too.

I dared to ask Arthael and DarthMyrrh for some pictures, their outfits were breathtaking, and to top it all they are also funny people, it was a pleasure to see them !

Kyra in her Grimoire outfit after the fashion show, with Hitomi

I really liked the colour sceme of Fidel David's outfit this day, it reminds me of those adorable boystyle BJD clothes that I would love to see made human-sized !



Picture taken from Aliénor. I love that we look as if we could kill someone here.

Back to the event, the fashion show, Shironuri make-over, auction, and raffle happened next.
Mai got make-uped by Minori. She was wearing an autumn themed outfit and I would have loved to see her with Shironuri make-up completed ! Minori makes almost exclusively nature-inspired make-ups, and it really suited Mai's outfit.

Some highlights from the fashion show ! I was very badly situated and the light was terrible, so I'm only posting my favourite outfits, and friends~ (which were also wearing my favourite outfits, and that's pretty cool.)

Here you have Vierge Vampur for Lunieshop, Juliette et Justine, Minori, Femme Jolie, Grimoire and finally Atelier Pierrot !


There was the raffle after this, with many, many prizes to be won; and then it was already time for goodbyes. The organizer's speeches made me feel all strange inside and was very touching, I just really love that bunch of people. They did a wonderful job.

Also thanks to Kawaii International for filming the event, I can't wait to see the final product ! They were really hard working as always, running around as much than the organizers were, and doing overtime on top of that to capture everything. Please everyone, follow Kawaii.i closely to see how it turned out !

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  1. C'est à la fois une torture et un vrai bonheur de voir toutes ces photos ! J'aurais vraiment voulu y être, mais grâce à tes photos j'ai l'impression d'avoir vécu cet event, alors merci beaucoup ! <3