mercredi 9 avril 2014

London, I : the arrival

Ah, Océane, you're still smiling ! How cute is that ? Ah but dear, let me properly welcome you to Top Goulag ! Your hotel room is actually a Battle Royale type of environment ! Yes, that's right; only one can survive. By the way, you'll notice that your bed is not made of a mattress and pillows, no — it's made of concrete. Well, almost. Oh and, I hope you don't mind the hairs in the bathroom, or the 1m2 of vital space you'll have, or the absence of proper lighting — not to mention the abject lack of respect from employees; it's all usual here at Top Goulag ! You could say it's our way of welcoming you.

Here, have a nice stay.

...And so yes, our hotel was a complete mess. But we all tried to forget that part, so let's move on to more happy things ! Upon our arrival on Friday, I accompanied Mila to the staff meet that took place at the hotel hosting the Tea Party. Yuta from Kawaii.i was here to film everyone checking the last details and schedules and resolving last minute problems, all the while sipping fresh orange juice.

Fig. 1 : staff member sipping the fresh orange juice

A very simple outfit for the day ! With my beloved mook bag~

Part-of-the-group picture (stolen From Lunie, thank you !)

At night, we all went to Soho bar which was amazing. We didn't know we could dance there, yet in fact we did; I think we really amused Hitomi from Grimoire, she kept taking cellphone pictures of the wild lolitas !

On the second day, we all left early to go brunch ! My first english breakfast ever. Yum yum. (Ate it all.)

I look very okay with my deer eating my soul, next to which you can catch sight of a part of the French-speaking lolitas attending; whom you will be able to see again very soon in a rare display of elegance. These pictures are stolen from Mila~

Mila in the middle of work. (I'm sorry. I love this picture.)
We had brought Zoé and Tiya with us ! (I hope they enjoyed the bacon. I sure did.)

Promoting French Café under any circumstances. 

We arrived a 12 at the venue. I wasn't supposed to really do anything til 1 pm but I'm glad I could help even if only a little bit, there was so much to do !

Please don't go too far, the next part about Saturday's event is coming very soon !

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  1. Yaayyyyy such a great report, I love your writing style haha ♡ ♡

  2. Bacon, bacon, baconnnn! XDD It looks like SUCH a wonderful and amazing event! How I wish I was thereee tooo!! I hope you have recovered by now from that trip toooo x