jeudi 12 mars 2015

Btssb 8th Anniversary Tea Party in Fauchon

The day after LVER, we organized the tea party for Btssb Paris~ It took place on the exact date too, which is a lovely coincidence.

It included all the usual activities : raffle, best dressed prizes, and of course, food. (We do like food. Though I didn't eat a lot and missed servings, we got home with plenty of leftovers °^°)

We had also included another activity which is very dear to French Café : the real-life valentine station ! We had cut hundreds of papers and really thought it would be enough. It wasn't. Everyone wrote cute little notes to their friends and new acquaintances and it was really heart-warming to see. I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to write something to me, it means so much and I wish so much I could know who you are ;w; (I may have recognized one or two writings, but one can never be sure...)

The "birthday cakes" were éclairs and macarons towers~

Some pictures of the lovely tables !

Diana's scepter was amazing !

Masumi Kanoh & lovely Rosalynn

Head table !


The kade-don of our lives happened.

So much love. Is Mathilde approving... Or afraid ? 

Martha took a picture of Sophie, Shimi, Marianne and me, thank you dear !

 Love these picture too ;w; 
Thank you Chung Hee Jee

The Sister Maria gang ! Don't they look amazing ?

I joined them for a potato reunion.


 Tiya was so lovely in her circus-officer outfit. Such a gentleman.

More Russian team pictures !

With the lovely and very amazingly-dressed Imogen and Maja !

 Just before the raffle.

Mila was dancing because her "side of the room" won a lot :p

Maja and Marlessa were our two best dressed ! 

I didn't get any full shot for the day... But I got this portrait. 
Thank you Philippe !

Thank you to everyone who came, thank you for supporting Btssb Paris~
We wish them many many more anniversaries to celebrate !


4 commentaires:

  1. ho mon dieu, ça avait l'air si bien!
    et trop de belles tenues pour mon petit coeur fragile T_T
    PS: ton portrait de la fin est juste magnifique *_* <3

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