vendredi 7 novembre 2014

Brussels : Halloween Fashion Walk

More pictures on French Café's flickr

Last Saturday took place the Halloween Fashion Walks we organized with Franch Café in three different cities : Lausanne in Switzerland, Brussels in belgium, and Toulouse in France.

After a 6-hours night and a 4-hours bus trip, Sandra, Zoé, Alien, Ludovic, Mila and I arrived at Brussels. It was my first time in Belgium and the first thing I noticed was how Belgians are so proud of their comics heritage. Some buildings are plastered in Tintin drawings. I should have photographed them all.

We were greeted by a nice, warm sun, and after (most likely) terrifying the youth hostel staff we were in (though they also deserve it in some way, but I'll talk about our wonderful experience later, maybe), we were already on our way to the meeting point for the Halloween Walk.

I almost fell countless times that day. Wearing an eyepatch is serious business and I am now more than ever grateful to have two functionnal eyes; evaluating distances being quite and useful skill.

Picture by Lunie, thank you so much ! And now I can only notice how very green my own pictures are...

Mila was alsoutely breathtaking in the "widow-witch-from-New-Orleans" look.

I am still asking myself how can someone be so perfect, if you're wondering.

Ludovic was super OTT and my one-eyed companion for the day. I loved his tights.

I had to refrain myself from posting dozens of pictures of Aliénor, I am so in love with her clown outfit, it was insane. Her, Zoé and Saïna were matching so well !

Sandra and Lunie were two beautiful ethereal ghosts, with an option in woodland creatures for Lunie. I'm sad I don't have more details of Sandra's dress, she created it some days before the event and her work is wonderful.

And finally Zoé, who is the cutest punk clown you'll ever meet.

On to the walk !

We walked for a few hours (or was it more ?) through the nicest places of the city, each time stopping to take pictures of everyone's beautiful outfits, but also to chat and get to know each other. For once, I feel like I attended an event abroad and really got to see the place !

Still terrible at selfies but at least we got Manneken Pis !

 Following are some of my favourite pictures. It was hard to choose between them; thankfully, that's precisely why we have a Flickr full of everyone's best shots !

 Picture by Lunie. 
Ludovic insisted on telling me he was actually smiling here.

Some wonderfully derpy pictures. (My favourite !)

French Café Team !

And mandatory end group picture. I'm very sorry some people were cut out, wide-angle was still not wide enough !

Thank you everyone for coming ! It has been a great day and a most lovely excuse to dress up and meet new people, and for that I am grateful. I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.

After bidding farewell to everyone, we painfully walked back to our hotel to remove every offending piece of clothing and get ready for the night. We were so tired we ended up eating in the first restaurant that was not offering sea food we found, and trying some very national and very good waffles.

We thought we could get a full night of sleep after this, but alas... The God of cheap youth hostels had decided otherwise. But that is another story for another day.

Thank you for reading !

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  1. Week end trop court mais quelle aventure! J'en garde un super souvenir *^*!!! Et merci pour tes compliments <3!

  2. What wonderful costumes! It looks like so much fun. :)

  3. What a great idea to organize such event and even in 3 cities!!! And woooooow I have to say all the outfits look so amazing !!!

  4. Beautiful pictures, beautiful outfits, beautiful people!