dimanche 8 septembre 2013

What a jolly good trip - day 1

Dans la langue de Shakespeare pour l'occasion.

Sometimes we change into cute animals. Miu miu miu.

The day before our arrival in London, we organized Ludo's birthday. It was a surprise, and we never thought we'd made it in time. Mila had just come back from her vacation one hour before when I arrived at her place to start the preparation for the evening. Thankfully, Aliénor was able to come and help us with the cooking. It wouldn't have been the same without her measuring cup !
I think Ludo was happy to see everyone, I'm so glad everything went so well and everyone could come. I have no idea how long we slept that night, I think we're lucky if we managed to get three full hours of sleep - we were up before 6 am to catch the train. Needless to say, it was quite painful.

Sparkly from all the fabulous and delight~

Hipstery-tumblr-esque pictures on the train, using Mila's camera.

We were greeted with French at the exit of our tube station. Ciboire !

London streets really have the best names. (Above pictures by Mila)

Aliénor and Ludo's outfits of the day. Always so classy, both of them.

Obligatory visit of the VW store.

Kawaii as fuck in the tube. (Picture by Mila again !)

I'm relieved to see that even in England, Starbucks waiters just can't get your name right. Here I was, thinking it was typically French.

We went to see the iconic Vivienne Westwood shop, guided by Zoé, it really was our historic visit of the trip (yes, I swear.) After that we reunited with Zoé's group in Camden, meaning Tiya, Tro-tro, Lunie, Sandra, Saïna and Bloody. We didn't spend much time there though, as just after that, I accompanied Bloody and Mila to the rehearsal for the fashion show
I wasn't modelling, but I still was allowed to stay at the hotel with the other "tag-along" people, and so I got to chat with the awesome Annso, Dodo whom I had very much missed, and the wonderful Tuulia (from Cloudberry Lady) whom I first met at the French Lolita Convention two years ago. She rememebered me and offered to show me her creations for the fashion show. She made a beautiful mermaid print in collaboration with an illustrator, and the most wonderful white outfit ever : the Kreivitär ensemble, which was composed of a sleeved dress and a hat. And, my, that hat... I had never seen such a wonderful hat; not too big, with a beautiful, slightly shiny fabric (just as my AatP Marie de Carol dress), and the bow at the back was what really got me. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it, I deemed it rude to take a picture before the convention, and then the day after I must have missed the moment when the outfits were put back on Cloudberry Lady's racks after the fashion show. So I "stole" these pictures from her facebook :


Before the fashion show rehearsal, we visited the hotel's bathooms. Which were wonderful. Look at those curtains ! And so we improvised a photoshoot there. Obviously. Then, after the rehearsal, we helped carry the outfit boxes which had finally arrived (imagine a room full of brand packages. It was kind of surreal) and then we left, I was already exhausted from the day, I can't imagine how tired Bloody and Mila were.
We asked the girls to come near Frock On to reunite at the end of the day, most of them then went back to their hotel while we (with Dodo) went to see Big Ben. Ludo wanted to see Big Ben. Mila and I mostly wanted to eat.

With Dodo~ The only picture I have, curtesy of Ludovic !

And so ends the first very long, very tiring and most lovely day in London ! Frock On article coming very soon !

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  1. We were at the Lolita Convention last year though :D. So nice that you had a nice trip. I wish I would have been there.


    1. Oh yes, was it last year ? I am really bad with time. I meant not last July, the one before that. Which is one year back. Yes. Well. I'm going to hide in a corner now !

      Anyway, I would love to see you all again, I swear you Finnish ladies are the nicest ;o;

    2. Haha :D don't. Yeah I hope that at least I could come to Paris at some point again. Of course you're more than welcome to attend Hellocon too! You'll get free lodging if you want :>.

  2. Aaw, thank you so much dear for your kind words! I'm so happy to hear you liked my new designs and to tell the truth you were my inspiration for the Kreivitär hat!^^'
    It was lovely to meet you again, too bad we didn't have time to talk longer. Hope to see you soon again!