samedi 16 juillet 2016

Amsterdam day 1 & 2

Amsterdam part one ! It sounds already so far away. Kinda is. Everything is a bit of a blur, but I'll try to be somewhat coherent.

We left Paris with Tro-Tro on Thursday I think, an some ungodly hour in the morning (7:00), then proceeded to have a nice train trip where we debriefed ca:cw extensively, which in turn managed to traumatize our fellow passengers — I really don't see why, but.

After waiting for Lou to arrive (at a Starbucks for the local aspect, of course — there's this unspoken rule which is if you travel with me we WILL stop in a Starbucks at some point, I don't know why but it is absolute) we managed not to get too lost to get to the apartment and greet the dutch stairs from hell as well as (less hell-ish) Mila and Sandra !

Shared racks, there's a lil bit of everything

We went to visit the city in the afternoon ! Unfortunately that is when my body decided that it had had Enough and I fell ill quite violently — the kind of refusing to even walk violently — and I owe my surviving only to Lou's travel pharmacy. Thank you for saving my life it is very much appreciated !!

The next day (miraculously alive !) we went to visit the Koninklijk Paleis and attempted to visit the church-not-quite-a-church-anymore close to it and Mila and I then flew away quickly to attend (prepare/direct) UtS rehearsals !

Day ended with a wonderful photoshoot with Sanni, where Carmilla and I were lucky to wear some beautiful Voodoodolly — I'm sure you've seen the pictures already but I'll repost them some day because theyr are ?? incredible.

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