mardi 3 novembre 2015

Autumn drawings

Happy Halloween October!

...Now back to your scheduled 50 shades of cream. 


I actually had a story with characters dressed all in Neb Aaran Do that I meant to draw last year and it happened differently in the end. That was a bit frustrating. Then Jammy said she liked my drawings and since I am a basic fangirl I wanted to do some with her wonderful, wonderful aesthetic.

Megan commissioned a drawing of her wife for their anniversary, isn't it the cutest thing.

I actually made much much fanart than this (oops) more but I keep the rest for the next article 'cause they go well all together. I'm aiming for a somewhat themed article, wish me luck.

When will I be freed from oval frames ??


I'm in deep, deep love with Angizia's music. I've known them for many years, and I regularly immerse myself in their work completely for several months at a time. It has accompanied me through so many things, yet I am currently rediscovering their songs again, and again. Truly I could write an essay about them (maybe one day I'll do...?)

Anyway, though there seem to be no relevance to the article, all of these drawings have been made listening to Angizia and I think I got slightly crazy.

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