jeudi 16 juillet 2015

Doll Classica tea party

On Friday, July 3th we (Mila, Diana and I) attended RDRR's Doll Classica tea party. I was originally extremely excited to meet Midori again (and had planned to offer her another drawing to make up for the time when I traumatized her on Twitter — sorry Midori), but she had to cancel her coming a few weeks before the event. Singer Luna Haruna went instead, and though I did not know her, the fact that Diana was her #1 fan and super excited to see her did convince me.

Wearing AatP JSK (also known as JSK de l'amour), Triple*Fortune bonnet, Btssb bag, Bodyline tights, Taobao shoes and blouse (if one may call this a blouse...)

I had planned long sleeves and cuffs for this outfit, and the morning weather took great care of reminding me that it was not happening. It was extremely hot. I almost wonder how we didn't die. I shall remember that tights and bonnets (especially bonnets) do not do well with 40°C.

 Where do I even begin ? This is perfect and refreshing and I am in love (in every way, that is.)

Diana was so beautiful in navy and white, these colours suits her a lot, same with bonnets — she was my bonnet-chan twin for the day !

Hana looking wonderful in her outfit planned the day before — this is talent, ladies and gentlemen.

The first activity was a bit like a panel, held by all three French ambassadors. Each had planned different accessories to transform the other's outfits and show how a few simple pieces can change the overall look. It was quite fun (because the girls are !) and I will forever remember Pom's face when putting on Mila's winter coat.

Changing tights on stage is not easy. 

Mila's outfit for Pom — and Yumi's

Pom's outfit for Mila — and Yumi's

Pom's outfit for Yumi — and Mila's 
I do see myself in that last picture, not joking, it feels strange !

After the first activity we all went to eat — if I remember correctly, or was it just before ? There were cakes and fruits but due to the high temperatures it was all quite hot ;w; And since the queuing for water was neverending I fully went into madness and exclusively drank hot coffee. Keeps me alert at events.

Luna sang her first song right after, Mila and I missed the second one because we went outside for a bit...

Luna really does sing well ! Plus she's extremely cute and extremely tiny. And manages to make me like Innocent World, which is a HUGE accomplishment.

Diana got interviewed by Luna for a Japanese TV I do not remember the name of.

French Ambassadors, assemble ! 

Diana acting on our deepest fantasies of not having a single care in the world and maybe swear and drink a lot of beers.
Also I'm going to print this picture of Mila and make a wallpaper with it or maybe an altar or something of the like, because I love it so much, so so much. Look at her (灬ºωº灬)♡

Tokyo team (minus one person)

We then played a short game where we were randomly given mysterious printed papers with mysterious pictures on it. The goal was to find people who shared the same theme as you in the crowd, then resolve a small lolita enigma. My lovely team pictured here (our theme was Tokyo) was obviously the best since we won first (of course, of course), giving us the right to extra raffle tickets which proved to be useful since some of us won several prizes !

A hobby of mine during the afternoon was taking pictures of people seeking some sort of relief from the heat by standing by the window.

Russian team, Marlessa and Alice ! I love how they (sometimes their friends, sometimes them, very often them — Marlessa have you ever not attended a Tea Party here ? :p) are always there for Paris summer events. It would feel really incomplete without them.

Plus they're absolute lovelies and always the best-dressed.

Picture of Photographer Charlotte who's extremely talented, I can't wait to see her pictures. 
Also mysterious Clothide.

 I was very happy to see and chat a bit with Josca and Selphie. I often see them at events from afar and don't have the time to talk to them because organizing. We really started lolita at the same time and spent some time together in the old days. It felt so strange to meet again several years later !

The people I had not seen in a very long time ! 
I dared to ask Sam if her outfit took inspiration from Cinderella. That's how Disney-cultured I am.

Elegant ladies collection. 

Best dressed winner

We then proceeded to elegantly sit in front of the venue waiting for I don't even know what, maybe a miracle, maybe rain, or a sudden 10 degrees drop. We slowly went back to Mila's where we were having a small French Café meet-up regarding the RinRin signing session that took place the day after, that Kawaii.i was interested in filming.

Quite happy with how the postcard turned out considering the guidelines, deadline, and also the fact that I had to make a logo in one day.

Mila, Yuta, and the dog.

 Raffle prizes from Doll Classica ! SummerTales Boutique bows (that came with super cute ankle socks but I wore those right away), Élégance Sucrée choker (I love it but it is way too big on me) and Bonbon Maléfique necklace.

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