dimanche 14 juin 2015

Lolita magazines & other things

I always love to see various magazines and in general printed things about lolita fashion (I do have quite the postcard collection...) and I've found myself looking with interest at reviews about the topic. This made me want to share what I had also; you are hereby invited to peek into my favourite lolita-related publications !

 Triple Fortune catalog

 Rose Marie Seoir/Syrup. catalog

Juliette et Justine catalog

 Brillant Kingdom magazine — not entirely lolita-related but that thing is precious and I'm so happy Mila brought me one from Japan !

 Weeaboo photoshoot in Siesta (Midori & Akira photobook)

Two of my favourite pictures from the first issue of Lolicate.

* *

Mila and I were browsing the shelf of our local Japanese bookstore the other day and found some very old issues of Gothic Lolita Punk at a very discounted price and so, of course, we bought them all. And what's in there is very interesting. You also get to see Midori's debuts among many other things, and though I do not have pictures of that, it's worth seeing. 

I love the overall magazine format with some brand-specific advertisement, some event reports in the middle and the majority of the pages being a very clean catalog of the then recent releases. It's a very thorough publication. Although it is surprising to see that spelling isn't exactly their strong point, you'll get brand names mispelled quite often and it doesn't feel extremely professional.

In any case, I love the very clean and well-organized layout they used, which is very different from today's lolita magazines !

I had completely forgotten about that Btssb series but I remember always liking the shape of that skirt. That mini-skirt. Very avant-garde Btssb.

MAM, rocking the 2-sizes-too-big shoes before it was cool. 

The best Victorian Maiden (or more accurately, Beth) photoshoots are those with their adorable bunny heads.

It gives hope to see that Kira Imai had to start somewhere, too.

2007 J&J is the best J&J.

This girl's on point.

Now, I fell in love with a brand that disappeared, and it is the worst feeling ever. Aristocrate Sucre's designs make me think of early Juliette et Justine a lot. They have longer lengths and the best cuts. I really want to try and get a piece from them one day, should I ever find one second-hand !

GLP was a nice discovery. Apart from this, my favourite magazines might be Spoon and Cutie.

I especially love Spoon's original photoshoots, and though it does not show in the only issue I own, they usually have a very strong artistic identity that is far from your common lolita shoot. Theirs is pretty much like "we are going to have our model run or sit in dry leaves or anything that is not considered elegant or even interesting; we'll take a blurry, off-centered and over-exposed picture of that, and it's going to be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen". And it works ! 

Unfortunately I do not have any Cutie to take picture of, but their shoots and styling are interesting and refreshing to see. I feel their concept is the opposite of Spoon; it's always studio photography and you often see the model just standing there but it's incredibly well done.

And of course, I must finish with my favourite page from every Kera ever

Some things I'm really excited about : China's first lolita publication, Girlism, will be out soon. I really hope I can get a copy of this one day, because it looks promising. And, of course, the next issue of Lolicate which was announced a few days ago and which will be wonderful, that I am sure of !

Looking forward to any specific publication ? Any favourites ? I'd gladly take any recommendations !

P-S : don't forget to buy the latest GLB issue to see a report on La vie en Rose !

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  1. I also want to buy Girlism, but it's gonna be very expensive since I never order other stuff on Taobao xD I never buy any catalouges, I only buy Lolita magazines and I'm currently on the hunt to find some older magazines!

  2. J'ai vraiment hâte de voir le prochain Lolicate ! Cutie a conquis mon cœur aussi, j'aime beaucoup leurs inspirations... Il faudrait sans doute que je me penche plus sérieusement sur Spoon.

  3. Ah what a wonderful article! I also finally have the Mila Kera now, so I am with you. :3