jeudi 30 avril 2015

Winter Lolita Days

Aelin's art on my polaroid, can you feel the christmas spirit ?

I am late, late, so late ! 

These pictures are from the last International Lolita Day back in December. We had a secret santa meet at a small and cute tea place.

I was super lucky because my swap partner was Kamihana and I know her tastes... To the point that I bought her earrings she already had. Oops. But she liked my drawing, so I'm happy !

Hana looked wonderful as usual, this picture doesn't do her justice.

And I got a lovely crochet collar from Angeline that I still have to take pictures of !

Dieu-Ly and the polaroid masterpiece

I wanted to take mine with Marina~

I only have pictures of Lempi and I that we both didn't like so, well...

I then went for drinks with all those who didn't attend the swap meet - meet alien, the gothic biker.

Went out with Mila several times in the same outfit. For important matters. That were never used as intended in the end.

And I took some portraits of Mathilde for another (sadly shortly aborted) secret project.

Then, after the LVER week-end, I went with Sophie, Marianne, Clothilde and Alien to have coffee (and caakes) then visit the Musée des arts décoratifs to see the current exhibition.

Alien's future boots and my future cape, probably.

This is, indeed, a picture taken in a button.

We found the most hilarious and badly-illustrated book about gothic fashions at the museum's library. It's truly terrible. Speaks of Mana a bit. I hope my French fellows will be able to read it from the picture !

And I dared to wear a long dress under a short coat for the occasion.
Also featuring the last pieces of jewerly Mila bought me because she is the nicest and I'm spoiled. 

That is all for now ! Thank you for reading~

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  1. Oh, I absolutely love all of your photos! Everyone looks so cute ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon