dimanche 30 novembre 2014

Review — To Alice sailor coat

Price :  325 yuan (53$)

As usual these past few years, I went with Taobaoring for ordering. I like their shopping cart system, the website is clean and allows you to see exactly at what stage your order is. Communications is also easy. I believe their service fee is 8%. They marked my package down to 30$ (I did not precise any value, only asked them to mark it down). 

I can not state accurately how much shipping I paid since it was a larger order (Mila bought the wine version of this coat and it's so lovely too !), but it amounts to $30 approximately for one coat. It is quite heavy !

Sizing : 4,5/5
Measurments from the website : total length 88cm, bust 94cm, sleeve length 58cm
Measurments on the actual piece : total length 90cm, bust 90cm, sleeve length 59cm

The material is so heavy that is must be difficult to keep true to measurments. They are almost exactly the same as those listed, and it rarely happens. I'm very happy about the slightly smaller bust; it stills allows for some layers underneath when needed, but it's not too wide for me either.

Quality & construction : 4/5
I am quite happy with the quality, for the price. It's not your regular random coat from Taobao, you can really see some work went into it. It's made from very warm material that will be very appreciated in winter. It is fully lined as well, which is good. One of the things I'm not so happy about is the alignment of the sleeves' seams that is not the same on both sleeves (see pictures below). The overall construction is also not as polished, and I'm a bit disappointed with the pleats that are not as neat as in the stock pictures. But overall, it's a lovely piece !

Everything is attached with push buttons on this garment and I like it.


 Cutest collar !

This is what I'm talking about when I say I'm not happy with the sleeves' seams. These are in the back of the sleeve, but still, it bothers me. Right is perfect while left is all wonky.

More push buttons, seifuku style.

And the lining.

 Some pictures of the coat worn, fresh from this morning (cold, cold Sunday morning, and I was just fine with a simple t-shirt underneath, that's saying how warm the coat is). I realize it looks slightly longer in th back, but that may be my posture, or simply the angle.

 I hope you found this review helpful~ Thank you for reading !

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