jeudi 14 août 2014

Angelic Pretty : Spoon edition

The 55th issue of Spoon magazine featured an extensive preview of Angelic Pretty's autumn releases, but also some pages on the pop-up store, Harajuku walk and Tea Party that took place in Paris in July. I scanned some of the pages for everyone to enjoy~

There is also a very low quality group picture spread on two pages. I didn't scan that. A scan of this mess of pixels would have looked horrifying... But everyone was very beautiful !

I must say I am increbibly happy to be featured with my beloved one. The first one was taken at the opening of the pop-up store, and this day was exceptional : I also had my last exam for my diploma, but still wanted to go to the AP opening, I wouldn't have missed it for any reason. And then the exam went so well I could have cried.  And of course I love the right picture with darling Mila, it felt like a dream to wear matching outfits with her and to attend our first AP Tea Party ! I'm so glad to be featured with her (・◇・)

On a related note, this picture was found on this website and I quite like it.

And then, some pages I scanned — those are completentary to the ones devoncuppycakes has already posted. Featuring Nana Komatsu (yes, she really is named (or nicknamed ?) Nana Komatsu), and not Risa like I wrote on Tumblr. My bad.




 I hope you enjoyed those, open in a new window to see in a bigger version  !

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