mercredi 9 juillet 2014

Spring days

A few weeks before the first week of July, which is like the main lolita events' week in France, we had some great things to celebrate ! First was Mila's birthday, for which she went to One Direction show with Tiya~ And then we all went at her place to celebrate it with a delicious Jean-Paul Hévin cake, alcohol, and presents. We had collectively bought her the Fairy Marine skirt in lavender ♡ And since I had some money left, I got her the lavender barrette from the last Grimoire collection, because I knew she was dreaming of it. It's so pretty ! Happy birthday my beloved

After this, we bid farewell to dear Diep, who was leaving France. I hope she comes back very soon !
We had tea and walked though sunny Paris, before arriving — as always — at the Btssb shop.

Ludovic made art with Usakumyas. They are rehearsing for Olympics, most probably.

Cutie dear in the pretty skirt with the yellow heart bag~ It does match perfectly, we had to admit.

* *

 Some more evening, some more drinks. We had another yearly almost-EGL pic-nic !

And now, on to the events !

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