mercredi 16 juillet 2014

Japan Expo

A short short post about Japan Expo. I went for one afternoon only with my little brother to see how it was going this year, to meet with Ludovic, Zoé, and Mila who were working there and also to buy my Btssb Tea Party ticket. The other years I went to see specific stuff, but since this time there was nothing particularly exciting, I had all the time I wanted to check out booths and it was nice to spend so little time at the con — it's so very tiring...

Neb Aaran Do girls ! They are always so funny and cute. In the bottom picture, Jammy wanted to show that they could make the French flag with the colour od their dresses. I greatly appreciated !

Hard-working Ludovic (just kidding, he is hard-working)

Funassyi booth, the whole time I went there I couldn't help but think about how much Sandra would spend !

On my way out I met someone I could have never guessed I'd see this year... Rio Hiiragi ! Her assistants were quite annoyed by me I think, because since I saw her I waited close to her booth to say hi and she was just arriving to the con. But she recognized me and gladly agreed for a picture !

And finally, the product of the day is this snap for KERA. I abslutely hate my face here but Mila is so cute that I can't dislike this picture !

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