samedi 12 juillet 2014

Baby, the stars shine bright Summer Tea Party

Life's tough for icons these days. Riding the subway and all.

On Friday, the 4th was the Baby, the stars shine bright Tea Party ! I wasn't supposed to go at first, but I was lucky enough to see Amélie who told me she was selling her ticket. I didn't hesitate much (...Actually, I did.) I'm very glad to be able to take part to this private Tea Party (we were only 27 !), I wanted to wear my outfit-of-the-love (read as : including all of my darling's gift) to a Tea Party so bad ! I also broke my bad luck this day : I won my first ever raffle prize ! In years of Tea Party attending ! It may be because it wasn't "my" ticket, or because it was my favourite number ever; anyhow, I am quite happy. I still don't know what I won, since the package from Btssb Japan was stuck in customs on the day of the TP, but I should know soon.

It was a lovely day spent between waving at Misako, eating strange pastries, and taking silly pictures outside. I'm very glad I went !

Leonie's hat — which she made herself —, was incredibly beautiful !

Selphie was at our table~ She looks cute as always !

Picture-perfect Misako

Mila was breathtakingly beautiful in her long-planned icon outfit ! (Santa Mila ?)

As you can see, switching from Mana-sama to idol-on-the-beach-inviting-her-creepy-fans-to-follow-her is quite simple : it's all in the wrist !

Lovu lovu~

Ludovic in the middle of his speed-dating session with Misako.

I completely lost my picture with Misako from the first time she came to a Baby TP in Paris. I'm glad to have this one !

Yipei was very cute in chocolate bear outfit !

Icon-chan hasn't taken her medication yet~

The Baby team ! We got to take a piture of all of them ! (Because I asked nicely)

After that, we met up with Alien and Shimi and went for drinks. (That, and religious reenactment.)

By the way... I always — often make drawings for our outfits when we talk about it with Mila. This is what I thought about for the Icon outfit when she explained it to me. Didn't it went even better than expected ? Just as I thought it would~

3 commentaires:

  1. Ahhhh, Mila has the most creative hair accessories! I just borrowed that same JSK from a friend and wore it recently--I really think I need to purchase my own...

  2. Everything and everyone looks so nice! I'm seconding the person above; Mila's accessories are so creative and spot on, and your outfit is gorgeous as always, as well!

  3. Autant je déteste cette robe, mais quand Mila la porte je ne peux que la trouver jolie xD J'adore ta coordination toute blanche avec la gathered ;_; le blanc te va trop bien