jeudi 5 juin 2014

Cosmic in Paris

Cosmic pictures ! We wanted so much to take some shots upon our new items' arrival. Most obviously, I took the pictures of Mila and she took mine's. Special thanks to my tripod for its precious help. The silly pictures are coming next, but for once I wanted a pretty-pictures-only article~

Mila is wearing full AP, while I am also wearing her vintage blouse and my eternal Antaina shoes.


Much love on you !

7 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful pictures, you are both so pretty
    The cosmic print is really nice too, such an interesting choice for a Lolita brand


  2. Such cute coordinations! You and Mila are too cute together ♥
    (Also, I'm so happy to see you were able to get cosmic! Did you participate in the made to order as well?)

  3. Very cute outfits! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

  4. These pictures are absolutely to die for! *o* Cosmic looks gorgeous on both of you! <3

  5. Très jolies toutes les deux ! Légereté dans les tissus et le thème, et complémentarité dans les teintes !
    Il y a comme un petit air de Sailor Moon, ou c'est moi ? :)

  6. Marieeee, your hair is just... so beautiful! You and Mila make such cute twins tooo, I can't wait to see more twinning from you pretties! x