vendredi 2 mai 2014

Spring inspiration & wishlist

I love the style turn Baby has taken recently. Much lace. Very elegance.


 Dior, and House of Mirth, which I have not seen.


And more casual stuff.


Spring Wishlist

Because I have more than enough black and white now !

1. A beautifully constructed, non-print dress
Is that pink that I see...? 

2. A dress/skirt for Summer. I really like black, white and red these days.

3. Sailor stuff ! Also exclusively in black, white and red. 

4. Something from my crazy list
Crazy because very hard to find, mostly... Quite costly too. 

5. A starry salopette for everyday wear — one day ! 

6. Short shorts
AKA booty shorts, because one always needs booty shorts. Only these two ones.

7. Pretty hair accessories 

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