lundi 5 mai 2014

Michiko in Paris

This week-end, Michiko arrived from Japan ! I met her for the first time in Tokyo Crazy Kawaii last year, but Mila, Isis and maybe some other girls already knew her. She is incredibly sweet and kind, and she speaks English very well ! 

In the honor of her coming, Mila organized a meet-up, so that she could meet other French lolitas. Isis did not come unfortunately, she fell sick just the day before... I feel bad for her because she is quite close to Michiko.

The day went incredibly well, it was a real pleasure to share nice moments in Ladurée and the gardens with everyone, and to top it all we were lucky enough to enjoy a nice, warm sun.

Michiko had brought us gifts from Japan ;__; Mila organized a raffle with Michiko's presents, and everyone had something to win, it was such a lovely attention. I am very happy to have won one of the two big prize~

Mathilde did not stay long, but she looked wonderful in her Atelier Pierrot dress ! 
And on the left side you can spot a rare display of natural sensuality.

This is my new favourite picture ever. From now on, I shall only take photos of Mila walking from afar. 

After Ladurée we went to Jardin des Plantes~ Mila had prepared a game (I think the name is "What am I ?" in English ? You have a little sticker with a name or a thing written on it, and you have to be the first to guess who you are. All the while looking incredibly silly. I am usually not to bad at this, but this time I lost.) It was lolita-themed, of course, and I must confess I am a bit sad nobody picked Mr Yan (because yes, you could pick Mr Yan.)

 And then... Pictures time !

We tried to find a nice spot, with very little success. Luckily, Aliénor found the perfect spot for us. With no annoying persons.

I am starting with my three most favourite outfits from that day : I am still not over Alien's (half) Coordinosaur, it suits her so well, I'm simply in awe. Michiko was also beyond wonderful in her long Lief set (and most gorgeous Triple Fortune bonnet !) And of course Mila who is the cutest little thing ever to live and who was so incredibly pretty.

Perhaps I failed at cute. But at least I tried !

I was thinking about not  posting this one (though we of course look positively ravishing), but THAT CROW.

Group picture !

Almost everyone left after that, and the five of us still there took a walk in the gardens, admiring the flowers under the soft tree's shade and late afternoon sunlight. You can admire Michiko and Mila delighted by the beauty of nature. (No but really, do admire, they're the prettiest.)


Time for silly picture that didn't fit in the article~ I am so sorry for Ludovic, he suffered the fate of most light-coloured dressed people that day, meaning that almost all my picture of him were burned. 

At the end of the day Michiko let us try on her bonnet; I will not post the picture of Ludovic with it because I am a very nice person. Thank you Alien for the picture, by the way.

Some pictures from Michiko and Mila ! I had made a quite simple drawing for Michiko with the dress she was wearing on it, because she is so kind and offered me her help to find a dress I really want. I'll let you know soon enough how it went ! 

Mila had gifted her the most beautiful Btssb wrist-cuffs — the ones she was wearing that day, because they matched perfectly with her outfit *^* These girls are so sweet, I swear.

And in the course of the week-end some terrible things happened; we brutally took the life of many vegetables, only to plunge them in boiling oil. It was delicious. And then everyone thought it was the best idea ever to make me wear Michiko's wig. Perhaps it was... I'm still not sure.

I leave you with my sweet memories from that day, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did ! Thank you to Mila, the best meet-up organizer, and Michiko, and everyone who came !

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  1. I am having some very serious hair envy from this post.

    Everyone looks lovely, and like they had such a good time- it's lovely to see. I adore your coordinate, and wish you luck with finding the dress you desire ♥

    1. Thank you for your sweet words~ I am actually hoping to get the Cosmic print from AP, just like everyone else, it will be hard to get for sure but... We can try !

    2. Ahh, it's true it is very popular! I hope that we'll hear some good news for you~

  2. This sounds like a funny day and all of you look amazing :)

    I have a question: In the garden picture with Michiko, Mila has a Boddywood-Bag. Does the shop still exist in paris or is it an old bag? I read it was closed what I found very sad because I always liked Boddywood a lot.

    1. Thank you !~~

      And indeed, it is an old bag. The shop has closed some months ago and everyone has moved on... I feel a bit sad too, I hope we can have some other shop selling japanese brands in the future ;_;

  3. Tout le monde est trop belles! J’aime tes photos de Mila – comme le paparazzi! Haha~ Ladureé me manque :((( Ma prochaine fois à Paris, tu dois y aller avec moiiii <3 (Don’t worry, I’m constantly saving money for another Europe trip XD)

    1. C'est parce que Mila est la plus belle <3 Je voudrais la prendre en photo tout le temps !

      Et ouii la prochaine fois on ira avec toi ! Bientôt j'espère <3