mardi 20 mai 2014

Fabulous week-end

Last week-end, Tiya and Saïna both visited us in Paris, and so we had to spend the week-end together.

Fabulous evening on Friday night. I don't remember much except for pizzas and silly pictures and leaving Aliénor's place at 3:30 AM and buying AP's cosmic print at 5 and not getting more than 30 minutes of sleep that night. (...That may be the reason why I don't remember a thing.)

On Saturday we had planned to meet up with Saïna to spend the afternoon together~~It was a beautiful and sunny day, poor Tro-Tro pretty much roasted in the sun (you should have seen the sunburns on her fair skin...!) and I suprisingly didn't. We played games and ate too much (Tro-Tro, your crepes were wonderful — though Mila and I's (well, I heated the oven, at least) sausages rolls were, too.)

Some girls were having a photoshoot with helium balloons not far from us. Obviously, we asked them if we could have some when they were finished. Fun followed.

Pictures of everyone !

Beautiful everyone *^*

My favourite thug lyfe girls.

Saïna had to leave after that, which I hadn't understood before — we were hoping to spend the evening with her too ;_; We bid her farewell then headed to our favourite general quarters : Baby the strs shine bright shop ! Where Mila tried a casual-Kera-inspired-outfit (it looked so good !) and where Tro-Tro shared her last crepes.

 The panel of judges (composed by ourselves) approved.


Then, at night, we met up with Sandra and Lou to had dinner in a well-known burger restaurant ! We celebrated Tro-Tro's birthday there~ Which she had no idea about, because we were one month and a half late, yes, but it was only because we wanted Tiya to be there too ! We're cute like that.

And then we spent the evening at Tiya's place. Which was a lot of fun as well. I love so much seeing these people, you can't imagine.

But the wonderful week-end doens't end here, because on Monday it was my darling and I's first anniversary ; A ; Can you believe time went by so fast ? I can't. I am so, so happy to spend my time with her, my thought with her, and to love her. So, so much.

She invited me to a traditional Japanese restaurant and after that she very casually offered me my goddamned dream-dress. She is like that. She is wonderful.

My gift for her was late, but on the following Wednesay I finally could give her her dream bag which popped up on Japanese auctions, new and unused ! I was so happy to be able to get it for her !

A sneak peak of my next article~ I can't wait to show you that dress.

4 commentaires:

  1. aw vos photos me font sourire tellement il y a de la bonne humeur ! Et pour la fin je fond completement ;o;

  2. Tout dans cet article respire l'été, la joie et l'amitié (et l'amour aussi). Vous êtes tous tellement beaux, comme Shimi, je souris bêtement maintenant xD

  3. Ugh je crois que fabulousness ne suffit plus pour vous décrire *_*

  4. Fabulous is the perfect word for you guys. Loooove the balloon photos, looks sooo fun!