samedi 26 avril 2014

Randomly (April)

Last week, my deer and I were supposed to take a few pictures, and so we got dressed up in which seems now like Easter-themed outfits (chocolate and bunnies...) but in the end we did not have any time even for the smallest of photoshoots (between going to the movies and being on time at the restaurant... We're leading a very busy life, you know !)

I had borrowed her wonderful hat, jacket and the Miho Matsuda short I need the most in my life, along with those bunny thights I bought for her at Enchanted~ I felt uncomfortable wearing them first and before her, but fortunately my darling doesn't care about such things (*ノ▽ノ)

 Wednesday evening was the Maid Café event at Kawaii café, organized by the gyaru circle "Diamant Rose". Unfortunately no gyaru showed up... But we were all there to support the cutest maid that ever was !
 The beautiful team~ It was nice to see Sui and Tro-Tro at the bar, we rarely meet up there. We were joined later by Clafou and Hana (you can notice their very high neko moe levels in the picture just below !)

Along with this wonderful portrait of ourselves drawn by Tro-Tro on the paper napkins.

 And finally this afternoon, Myriam organized a nice meet-up for the coming of Fanny Rosie, all the way from Canada. We were all sad Mila and Aliénor couldn't make it because of their exams... I did not attend all of the meeting myself, only the tea room part, hence why I have very few pictures. Anyway, Fanny is an incredibly lovely person and it was a pleasure to meet her, and of course to see everyone again !

I don't even have a proper outfit shot but let me tell you, my blues were all matching wonderfully. 

 And, for some reason I can not explain, almost all of the full body shots were ugly. Which means I kept even fewer pictures. But I can't wait to see the ones Tro-Tro took, she had a great lense and lots of pretty pictures, from what I've seen~

I leave you with this for today, —I have to catch up with these few hours that were not spent drawing — but I shall be back soon : the meet-up with Michiko is coming up next week, for which I am very excited, along with several forgotten outfit posts I need to publish.

Please take care, and don't forget to watch Kawaii International this week-end !


Work work work. It'll be hard to convince anyone that I'm working since those are the same ones I already posted when they were not finished but... I have 10 more ! Almost there !

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  1. J'étais très heureuse de te voir aujourd'hui, même si ce fut bref ! Je suis désolée si j'ai dit des choses étranges (ça m'arrive tout le temps de dire des choses sans réfléchir, et après coup je me demande pourquoi est-ce que j'ai parlé de ça xD), c'était sûrement dû à l'émotion de voir tant de personnes magnifiques, dont toi :)