lundi 24 février 2014

White rabbit

This is typically what I wear in Summer, when I stop caring that people can see my arms — yet suffering the heat of tights still, for I will never go tight-less. This does not explain why I wanted to wear this in the middle of February. It has to do with that little bunny bag, I guess.

Silly me. I will resume my lolita outfits posting soon, with the Btssb Tea Party approaching, a trip to Disney with my dear friends in two days, and also the result of one first week of vacation spent planning outfits because that's my guilty pleasure on free days. Oh and some exciting new projects very soon~ I can't wait to show you what it's all about ! (Oh the tease, the tease.)

Until then, please take care !

2 commentaires:

    Sur la première photo, tu ressembles à une BJD. Un peu. Le corps, la pose, les cheveux, chépa, je trouve.
    Et puis c'est chouette les pigtails comme ça ~

  2. Tu es trop belle. ;_; Juste parfaite!

    Je suis très curieuse au sujet de tes nouveux projets et je peux pas attendre de tes posts de la Tea Party! *o*

    (Je voudrais améliorer mon français, pardonne mes erreus s'il vous plaît.. ;_;)