mardi 18 février 2014

Bunny Stained Glass (Valentine's Day)

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to sweetify Moi-même-Moitié. Because the Aristocratic Vampire Romance can be cute, too. I'm sure there is a special place in Mana's heart for kawaii stuff. And so I wore pigtails and the Ahcahcum mook's bunny bag ! We went to eat fondue and raclette with Mila~ Is there even an English word for that ? It's cheese, essentially. That's the most important part. The only thing that matters. Cheese.

After that we took a ride on the great wheel that was in paris during Christmas — and I nearly died (well, not quite actually, but really, heights aren't my favourite thing in the world). Still, it was really nice to be able to see Paris from so high. Here is a secret : we love tourist-y stuff like that.

Then we went home (well, Mila's home but it's a bit like my home too because I am allowed to drink in her Btssb mug, y'see) and exchanged gifts and let me tell you, dear readers, that we both have a superb taste as well as a remarkable skill for presents. No less !

Je suis heureuse, mesdames et messieurs, de vous certifier qu'en dépit de ce que montre l'angle très étrange de cette photo, je suis encore en possession d'un tour de taille tout à fait naturel pour ma stature.

Le fromage de l'amour.


Nos cadeaux ! Quelle synchronisation, j'en suis encore toute émue.

On est allées se faire percer les oreilles ensemble le lendemain. Parce que nous ne l'avions jamais fait.  Mais je vous préviens d'ores et déjà, on ouvrira sous peu un blog qui traitera de notre amour des modifications corporelles. 

Et sur ce, chatons et lapereaux sur vous. 
À venir beaucoup de papier, puisque j'ai des travaux de cours, des livres reçus et les pages les plus intéressantes du mook Ahcahcum Muchacha à poster !

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  1. You look super cute! I can imagine you guys being chased by all the rabbits on that bunny island~